8 tips help you to Improve your public speaking skills

8 tips help you to Improve your public speaking skills

From time to time we have to speak in public, it might be in team meeting or presentation about your project or something. public speaking is a useful skill, and developing your public speaking skill can increase your confidence and help you overcome speech-related anxiety you may have.

Body language

It is a type of a nonverbal communication and it includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures and eye movement.  Practice well and try to have confident and strong body language to fuel your presentation.

Voice control

Your voice is so important for you as a public speaker, so you have to practice a lot by learning how to breath correctly and how to control your voice.

Think positively

Thinking positively make you feel more confidence and make you achieve what you want, but if you have negative self-talk like ” I will not be able to do it” or ” I’m not good at this they will make fun of me” then you will not be able to do it and it will decrease your confidence.

Engage with the audience:

You need to be in effective communication with your audience, that means pay attention for eye contact with your audience and try to have small talk with them, and don’t forget to ask question related to your presentation.

Write down your notes

You should have a note cards have the main points you will talk about and void reading word-for-word from your notes and pay attention to how you are speaking! You should not speak quickly because you are nervous so try to relax and take deep breath in between you sentences to control your nervous and here an advice they always say ” fake it until you make it” so try to tell yourself that you are alright and you  are not worried or nervous then after a bit of time you will stop being worried and stressed.


You need to practice as much as possible and they always “practice makes perfect” so practice a lot.

Let your personality show up:

Be yourself, don’t say what you have memorize only you should let your personality shine through, and your audience will trust what you are saying if they saw you’re a real person, you can tell stories related to your presentation and use humor and by this you will grab your audience attention.

Get your audience’s attention from the beginning

Start your presentation with an interesting story or something funny or even a good question might stuck in your audience’s mind and make them interested from the beginning to pay attention to your presentation.

If you make mistake, don’t stop!

No one is perfect so it’s okay if you did any mistake just carry on and continue your presentation. Even the most experienced speakers misspeak sometimes so don’t stop.

Ask for feedback

I can understand that might be hard for you to hear someone saying you were not that much good as you expect but! We won’t be able to develop and be better if everyone around us just talk about how much we are amazing, so you need to ask for feedback and learn from your mistakes.

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