Affect Vs Effect – Do You Know
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Affect Vs Effect

Affect Vs Effect

Although the pronunciation of affect and effect is almost the same, they have different meanings. But, most speakers mistakenly mix them up and therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you the difference between these two words. The meaning of ‘affect’ is change or impact whereas we use the word, ‘effect’ to elaborate on the outcome of a certain change. However, there are many fixed phrases and certain situations where we have to look over the basic rules of using these words.

However, if you don’t know the basics or the intricacies or complications of using ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ effectively, you can’t use them in your language. Now, you are probably wondering why ‘effectively’ is used instead of ‘affectively’. Well, effectively means successfully whereas we can use affectively to express the negative impact of something. Let’s know the differences in detail.

Difference between Affect and Effect

If you minutely analyze the grammatical aspects of these words- ‘affect’ and ‘effect’, you would come to know that they are different parts of speech. Affect is used as a verb and on the other side, we use ‘effect’ as a noun. We have explained these with several examples mentioned below:

If X affects Y, Y feels the effect of the action of A

Let’s imagine a scene:

Mike pushes Sam into a small lake

Now, because of Mike, Sam is into the small lake and therefore, we can say that Mike affects Sam and Sam is now wet which is the effect of Mike’s deed.

Although affect and effect are different parts of speech, they are called homophones. Homophones are those words that have the almost same pronunciation. Some examples of homophones are bear and bare, write and right and here and hear.

So, here, we have added the rules that will help you to write these words properly:

The Right Usage of Affect

We use the word, ‘affect’ in a sentence to express that there is an influential change in anything’ it can be a person or an object. To know it better go through the following example:

The storm affected many people within thirty miles of New York.

The medicine is so powerful that it might affect your eyesight for one hour

Winning the medal affected Rohan’s performance in college too.

Mnemonic to Remember the Use of Affect

The word, ‘action’ starts with A and we also know that verbs are used to indicate the action of the subject. Affect also starts with A and so, Affect is a verb. Think about the whole matter like this and you will never forget.

Correct Usage of Effect

Effect is used as a noun and it means the outcome of a change. So, if something affects your life, you will feel the effect of it. Let’s go through the following examples to understand it better:

The effect of the storm is devastating.

The effect of the medicine will last for one hour.

Rohan’s win will make an effect on his confidence level.

So, this is all about affect and effect. We hope, this article would be helpful for you.

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