Alphintern Drug

Alphintern Drug

Alphintern medicine, produced by Amoun Pharmaceutical Company, is one of the medications that is used in the treatment of infections and also for the treatment of swellings that are caused by sudden accidents or bruises; this medicine is taken through consulting the attending physician, that is, it cannot be used on your own. 

Following is the discussion in the rationale for this subject: the indications for the use of Alphintern tablets, contraindications, and the side effects of the medication. 

Composition of Alphintern tablets 

The drug Alphintern contains a group of enzymes that digest protein. These enzymes are chymotrypsin and trypsin, which are enzymes that, in turn, reduce the intensity of inflammation and also reduce swelling; as it breaks down, the peptide bonds formed between proteins creating the swell. It is also useful in treating vocal hoarseness for the same reason. The active chemicals in the drug Alphintern include chymotrypsin with formulas that are not soluble in the stomach, which prevent its digestion in the stomach and allow its diffusion into the blood. 

Alphintern Drug Indications

  • The presence of blood clusters that causes swelling.  
  • When complications of fractures occur.  
  • It is also used in cases of tumors that occur after surgery.  
  • Pelvic infections.  
  • Inflammations and swelling in the anal and chest areas.  
  • Rheumatoid inflammation, treating joints, and treating non-bone and non-joint rheumatic diseases as well. 
  • Dental and mouth inflammations, and it is also used after oral and dental surgeries. 
  • Treatment of corneal infections and eye bruising.  
  • Treatment of inflammation of the throat, larynx, and mouth.

Alphintern Drug Contraindications 

  • Having an allergy to one of the components of this drug. 
  • Those who take anti-blood-clotting drugs and antibiotic drugs such as amoxicillin, tetracycline, and other antibiotics.  
  • This medicine is prohibited for those using medications that interact with this drug and cause high blood pressure, putting a person at risk.  
  • Kidney failure conditions. 
  • Acute inflammation or experiencing liver cirrhosis. 
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding unless after consulting a doctor, to avoid any risks to the mother or the patient.

This drug Alphintern interacts with certain medications, and therefore requires the patient to inform the doctor of all the medicines that he is taking so that the doctor has explicit knowledge of the extent of their interaction with the drug; because this drug when interacting with some specific drugs may cause complicating problems for the person’s health and thus the matter becomes dangerous when used with anti-drug drugs. It is also forbidden to use this drug with chemical compounds or even herbal compounds because it may cause unnecessary patient health complications.

Alphintern Drug Side Effects

  • It may cause a rash after use and severe itching.  
  • Inflammation may occur to the patient after using this treatment, depending on the usage.  
  • The occurrence of severe swelling due to the hypersensitivity that occurs to the patient from the drug’s components, which in turn requires discontinuation of the drug.  
  • Very severe stomach pain may occur with a strong desire to experience vomiting with nausea.  
  • Loss of appetite and feeling dizzy. 

These side effects are likely to occur to the patient; you should contact the doctor immediately when any symptoms are not mentioned in the previous list above appear. This may be considered a risk indicator. Therefore, the doctor must be referred to act in the matter.

This drug is strictly forbidden to use for a pregnant woman because it may harm the fetus, and to prevent any problems for the fetus or the mother, she should be kept entirely away from this drug, so neither of them is at risk. It is also prohibited to use it for a nursing mother because it may pass into breast milk and thus reach the fetus and harm it. Therefore we caution that consulting the attending physician first so that there are no risks for the fetus or the nursing mother. 

Alphintern Drug Dosage

Alphintern is available in pharmacies in the form of tablets. These tablets come in a single box with three strips of tablets. Each strip contains ten completely coated tablets in no way digestible by the stomach. 

Alphintern must be stored in a place out of children’s reach, in a cool place with relative humidity. The medicine should be out of direct sunlight so that the treatment components will not be damaged. The temperature must not exceed 25° C to keep the mixture in the room.

The dosage is as follows: 

Use a medium dose of medication daily, of one to two tablets three times, every eight hours. 

This medicine should only be taken on an empty stomach about one hour before breakfast. If not possible, take this medicine two hours after breakfast.

The dose must not be increased on your preferences, no matter how sick you become. Consult a professional physician first. 

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