best neutral paint colors

best neutral paint colors

Looking for a great paint color for your apartment? Neutral paint colors may be just what you are looking for.

Neutral colors are some of the warmest colors in the market and right for the money if you are looking to paint a room that should be warm, and inviting.

There are several shades of neutral colors and it often becomes very hard to choose the best for a room if you do not have a particular room design in mind. That’s why we have rounded some of the best neutral paint colors to help you make a better choice for your apartment.

Best neutral paint colors

Super white

Super white is easily the most popular neutral color for interior design. This is due to the colors ability to induce a sense of crispness and brightness in any room it is used in.

Super white has just the right amount of coolness in its undertone to keep a room amazing and unlike most colors that produce the same effect, super white does not pull yellow or pink colors.

If you are painting a beach house or just an apartment and looking for that smooth and cool art gallery interior, consider going for a super white hue.

Gray neutral

There’s just something about this matte color that makes it a perfect fit for an interior painting. Its sudden popularity as an indoor paint is quite surprising as dark colors are usually not used for interior designs in as little as the previous decades.

Grey neutral really is not a ‘black’ color as you may be thinking. It is a blend, a gray-brown-black color and not quite as hard as the black color.

As such, the color is easy to live with in any room and in matte finish, it often looks like a smeared blackboard, though often lighter.

If you are considering adding some depth and mystery to your room or even a little touch of surprise, you should consider going for the gray natural paint. For one, not a lot of people will be prepared for the color when they finally get to see the matte finish.

Mauve neutral

Mauve neutral is fast becoming one of the most recommended neutral colors for the bedroom. The reason for this upsurge is simple – the color adds a very peaceful touch to a room, one that’s perfect for sleeping in.

For the best finish, a mauve painted room should be accompanied with some ivory, gray or chocolate colors for better contrast.

Pewter neutral

Pewter neutral makes for the perfect neutral color for painting large open spaces. The beauty of this color is the chameleon quality of the color and the overall warm effect it can induce in an open space.

sometimes the color tends to look browner and sometimes greyer. What’s even more important is that the color looks quite amazing in bright yellow colors – a perfect fit for sunlight and candle light.

Blue neutral

Blue neutral is the perfect compliment for a green scenery or an ocean view. This is because the color induces a ‘quiet’ effect that allows it to blend just right with nature.

The above are some of the best neutral colors for painting your apartment. Since neutral paints have a warm pigment, they are ideal for communal spaces, work spaces and entertainment centers.

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