CarPlay Features

CarPlay Features

Cars need a lot of time to develop, more than personal technical products need, so when you buy a car, the entertainment and information system available in it will already be ancient. Unlike smartphones with a short production cycle of one or two years, the car production cycle is usually old. Be taller.

The production cycle of cars is different, as the model is modified every two or three years. A completely new model needs to be introduced between four and six years for regular vehicles. That cycle is longer in luxury cars as it can extend to ten years, but with some significant improvements during that period.

During the last five years, that gap between technical progress and vehicles narrowed significantly, but the inability of automakers to support updating maps and software, and supporting applications at the same speed as Apple and Google, and from here was the beginning of the development of the CarPlay platform to be the solution between the car cycle and the development of smartphones.

What is CarPlay?

The Apple Car Play platform provides automakers with the ability to switch the complex infotainment system in the car, with an iPhone interface that supports iPhone users in many areas.

The car play platform is not an internal framework in the car that controls the iOS interface or this framework’s applications. Still, it provides a connexion that simulates the popular iOS operating platform interface to show the car’s infotainment system, enabling you to manage the option of apps through the screen display or Vocal commands.

When you start pairing your iPhone to the Lightning connectors in your car, the user interface you want to be familiar with will appear on your car’s screen. From here, you can use the iPhone features without having to look at it and take your eyes off the road; it’s a secure, quick, and comfortable way to drive a vehicle, which is the primary purpose of CarPlay.

Which cars support Apple’s CarPlay platform?

The total number of car manufacturers that sell more than a hundred models that support CarPlay connectivity reaches forty companies, for example, the new 2016 models of Cadillac cars or Chevrolet cars that support CarPlay, which is unlike the cars of the Android Auto platform, which must update the software Own next month.

Both Audi and Honda are offered with each model of CarPlay cars. During mid-cycle updates, Hyundai and Kia Ki companies have some models of CarPlay devices in their vehicles. Still, it requires a software update that will be launched later.

Ford promised that its SYNC 3 would add CarPlay support with the 2017 model year, while it will be added to the model year at another time during the year.

Also, Mercedes-Benz has begun to support the latest models on the Apple platform, but not the entire line, and the majority of Volkswagen’s product line is Volkswagen except for Toureg, and Eos supports Car play.

Fiat Chrysler has pledged to support Android Auto through its flagship Uconnect version but has yet to confirm which car it will have.

Apple supports after-sales service to integrate can play into cars?

Have you recently bought your car? You don’t want to exchange it at this time! You should then enjoy the after-sales service provided by Alpine, JBL, Kenwood, and Pioneer, who launched their CD player in 2016.

The JBL Legend CP100 is a convenient way to add CarPlay to your car, with an MSRP of $ 399; Alpine, JVC, Kenwood, and Pioneer offer a variety of CarPlay -compatible products with the ability to use voice guidance, infotainment system support, and the ability to integrate steering features. On the road, but of course, be prepared to pay more for more benefits.

Is your iPhone compatible with the Car Play platform?

Apple’s CarPlay platform requires a certain amount of oomph technology as well as a Lightning connector, so older iPhones with a 30-pin connection aren’t able to run CarPlay.

Only from the iPhone 5 and later phones can run CarPlay, including the latest versions of the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, and if you hope that the iPad will deliver CarPlay functions, unfortunately, it cannot.

What is CarPlay like?

The idea of ​​CarPlay is to let you use the IOS interface you are familiar with via the data display screen and to control the tools available in the car through CarPlay, so you will ensure that you play music, navigate to your destination, answer phone calls, read, write and send messages as well.

You can use your iPhone functions and messages from the beginning, play your music via iTunes, enjoy the radio, and transfer to Apple Maps. Third-party applications are available via the CarPlay platform, including Pandora, NPR, iHeartRadio, and most importantly, the voice control feature so that you can enjoy the functions with Driving safely on the road.

Apple does not allow all applications to be compatible with CarPlay. Applications that are compatible with CarPlay must meet the requirements for safe use while driving the car, so do not expect to go while watching Netflix, for example.

  • iPhone apps are compatible with CarPlay.
  • Podcasts app that lets you listen to your favorite music recordings.
  • An audiobook is an app that enables you to listen to books as an alternative to reading them.
  • The iHeartRadio app lets you listen to your favorite radio stations with commercials.
  • At Bat lets, you attend to baseball matches live or recorded from them and, of course, require a subscription.
  • lets you listen to more than 65,000 audiobooks for free.
  • Pandora application It simulates a personal radio for you.
  • Slacker Radio is the radio broadcast of your choice.
  • NPR supports you to stay in touch with the latest news.
  • We expect CarPlay will include other options that will fit well with its purpose over time.

How to control CarPlay?

You have three ways to control CarPlay, and none of them involve touching, looking, or even thinking of your iPhone.

1- Siri – Take control of CarPlay with Siri voice command

It is one of the simplest ways to deal with the CarPlay screen. You can give voice commands to the net to carry out specific tasks, including playing music or requesting a particular playlist, and it will read messages for you, dictating the response to them.

2- touchscreen Use a touch screen

Some cars come with a touch screen. Using this screen, you can open and close applications using a simple home screen, which is the most straightforward method of using the CarPlay platform.

3- knobs Use buttons, knobs, or controls

There are handles, physical buttons, or controls that you can use to adjust the car play platform. In some cases, you can use them with a touch screen, as well as Siri reasonable control options, to integrate and work seamlessly to control the car play platform.

Is there a platform to compete with CarPlay?

There is nothing in the world of technology that does not have a competitor. Google, of course, has a big in this area, with its massive investment in Google Maps, and some say that it has a great deal before Apple when it comes to car technology, through Android Auto, the complete guide For Google car navigation.

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