Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes to another State

Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes to another State

Some large business needs to move their luggage outside the state and it is one of the difficult things to do for the smooth running of the business. It needs some budget. So every business needs some. There are following some cheapest ways to ship the boxes to another state, but we are discussing only 10 cheapest and most common way to transport the boxes to other states. If you are looking to search for your cheap way of transportation of boxes then you can select anyone from the below list.

  1. Take the Bus
  2. Moving By Train
  3. Rent A Small Tow Trailer
  4. Rent A Pick-Up Truck
  5. Cheap Moving Truck Rentals
  6. USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS the big players
  8. Hiring professional movers
  9. Rideshare
  10. Consolidated freight


  1. Take the Bus

If you want to ship the boxes to another state then we suggest one of the cheapest ways that are to take the bus. This is one of the easiest ways. There are benefits of taking the bus for moving the boxes outside the state.

  • One of the cheapest ways to move out of state without need of any furniture.
  • It is an easy way to move 250lbs of stuff with you in that bus
  • You can also enjoy the trip after taking the bus.
  1. Take the Train for Scenic Savings

You can move the boxes outside the state with the help of the train also as it is one of the common and easy ways to move the boxes. Although it has more cost than the bus but it is one of the cheapest ways. Many large organizations adopt this way of shipping their boxes.

  • It’s a much cheaper way than moving yourself or hiring someone for this purpose.
  • You may ship 500lbs of luggage and boxes per day.
  • One of the quick ways to move your boxes.
  1. Rent a moving trailer

It is common that having the vehicle with tow package and trailer hitch. So it may be the best way to ship your boxes and it is considered as the best way to move the boxes. You can also rent a small trailer to move the boxes. It can make sure that you have the correct package.

  • It’s one of the cheaper ways than renting a moving truck or moving pod.
  • It is possible to move in the comfort of your own vehicle.
  • Larger boxes can be shipped
  1. Rent a Pick-Up Truck for Small Loads

Picking up a truck is also another method to ship your loads. You can rent a pickup truck to move the state that can work for people who can move a small load on a daily basis. The benefits of renting a pickup truck are given below,

  • It is a cheaper way than renting a moving truck on a daily basis
  • It is the best way to move small boxes.
  • It is one of the best ways to move your boxes in no time.

(5) Rent the Cheapest Moving Truck

You can also rent the cheapest moving truck as it is one of the common ways to move things outside the state. It is the best method to move the boxes and furniture that can fit in your truck. The benefits of this method is given below,

  • It is one of the cheapest ways to move things.
  • Very quick way to move the things

(6) USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS the big players

Many people can look to major carriers like UPS or FedEx as these have low costs. When you need shipping boxes in bulk quantity then this method is used. When there will be more boxes, it will become an economical service for you.

  1. For a lot of books, there is the use of USPS to ship your boxes
  2. It is a special service that can allow you to send books, DVDs, CDs, printed music cheaply.


You can move the boxes with Bus freighter as it is one of the standard ways to ship your boxes in no time. It is one of the cheapest ways as you can move large boxes at a low cost. It cost maybe $ 160

(8) Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional movers is another cheapest way to move the boxes outside the state. This method is good for larger boxes, Professional movers offer packing services for an additional fee.

  • Professional movers handle large boxes and load them onto the truck properly.
  • The pros will all of your load and unload all of your stuff

(9) Rideshare

It is one of the best and cheapest ways to move the boxes outside the state. You can move all boxes in no time and it is a very cheap method as you can see the following benefits of this method.

  • It is cheaper for long-distance moves.
  • You may get some opportunity to vet potential shipping partners
  • There is no weight or size limit that can be used to ship.

(10) Consolidated freight

When you are thinking to ship large boxes using consolidated freight then your boxes will share some space on the truck with other items heading in the same direction. Consolidated freight shipping services can provide licensed and insured shipping companies. The best-consolidated freight service providers will connect you with an experienced shipping company that is specialized in transporting items. This may include:

  • Temperature-controlled vehicles can be the best option for you as these are the best temperature-controlled vehicle.
  • You can loading and unload by hand.
  • You can see add-on services, such as packing services to ensure that boxes are packed properly.
  • Easy to coordinate pickup and delivery
  • It includes basic insurance


Transporting boxes outside the state is one of the not easiest way as it includes some cost. So everyone needs to maintain some budget for this purpose. So every business tries to search out some cheap ways to transport their boxes outside the state. We have discussed the cheapest way that will help you to transport your boxes outside the state.

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