Driving license in the USA

Driving license in the USA

The USA is one of the most attractive countries for tourism in the world. Most of its states, so you will find that the common question when traveling to the United States of America, whether tourism or residence for work, is about obtaining a driver’s license, how to rent cars, the legal age for driving, and how is the driving test. And his steps? All these questions we will answer now.

The first step:

 To be able to obtain a driver’s license in the United States, you must know that each state has its laws and driving rules. To understand the regulations for your country, you have to go to the nearest DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get their brochure so that you can read it well, and you can also get the book online. This book contains all the rules that you must adhere to while driving.

Note: The minimum for the applicant to obtain the permit is that he has reached the age of at least 14 to 16 years old, and if you are one of these, you must know that you will have more restrictions than adults. Most states require young people of age to keep the permit for a period ranging between 6 months to 12 months to be able to obtain a full license, and other states require the applicant to have completed all driving courses before applying for the permit.


Second Step: Prepare the required file:

You must prepare the required papers that prove your identity and place of residence, usually a birth certificate, a personal card or passport, a bank statement in the name of the applicant, the address of his house in which he resides, and some bills such as electricity and water. Still, if you are less From the age of 18, you must bring a letter from the school in which you are enrolled, stating your regularity in attendance and your positive behavior at school.


The third step: Pay the permit and exam fees:

In most cases, fees are less than $ 100, but they vary from state to state. The fees must be paid before you take the written test.

The fourth step: the written test:

This is a test in the famous signs and traffic rules, and there is a translation service available for the examination in any lanagegu you want, but you must inform them before the exam date.


Fifth step: vision test:

It is necessary to examine your eyesight while driving. If you do not pass it, your papers will be suspended until the work of glasses and return to complete the test, but if you are someone who wears glasses, you must attend the test with them until it is written that the driver wears glasses. Note, if you are stopped on the road, and you do not wear glasses, your driver’s license will be invalid, so if you are someone who wears glasses sometimes, try to pass the test without wearing them so that your request will not be suspended if you are driving without them.

Sixth step: obtain the permit:

After passing the written test and vision and completing the required papers, they will take a picture of you and issue the learner’s permit. The instructions regarding driving restrictions will be accepted for you.

To be able to register for the driving test, you must have passed a certain number of hours specified by each state. If you are not ready to take the driving test and your permit is about to expire, it must be renewed again until you are prepared to take the test.


The seventh step: learn to drive

Students in secondary schools have the opportunity to take driving courses for free or at a reduced price because they are affiliated with their schools. As for adults, they have two options, and they are either taking formal lessons or private lessons, but it is desirable to take traditional private courses if you have not driven before. And some states offer you courses in drug and alcohol awareness.


The eighth step: choose an assistant for you in practice

Choose a patient person who does not get nervous quickly and who has been driving for a long time to be with you while driving if you only have an educated permit and want to practice driving before going to the test. If a police officer stops you while driving and you are alone, you will be subjected to a hefty penalty.

The eighth step: Take another written test to obtain a full driving license.

The ninth step: Choose a date for the practical test

After knowing the date of the test, you can choose between taking the exam on your car or the car of DMV, and the test will be driving in different places such as highways, driving in residential areas, and testing adherence to the specified speed and traffic rules. If you do not pass the test, you will not be able to drive to your home on your own. But if you pass the test, you will do the following.

After all these steps, a photo of you is retaken, and that photo is placed in your driver’s license.

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