All technology depends on the extraordinary creation of man in the commercial and industrial sectors. Thanks to the mind that Allah gives to the man, he has been able to discover some of the phenomena around him on a scientific basis and some of the strange phenomena that we see around us and have become one of the things that we cannot live without are electricity.
Without the electricity discovery life would not be what it is today. Development and energy generation dramatically changed lives, moving from domestic use to industrial activities. Electricity is one of the greatest blessings that science has bestowed upon humanity. It has also become an integral part of modern life and without it one can not think of a world. As it have many functions in our everyday lives. This is used in lighting rooms, working fans, and home appliances such as electric stoves, air conditioning, and more. All of these provide comfort to humans. In addition to that, large machines are processed in factories with the help of electricity. And many other uses which are endless.

Without electricity, we wouldn’t be able to watch TV or use the Internet from other things that we are used to and that need electricity to do every day.

What is electricity mainly and what are its types?

According to Maxwell’s equations electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of matter that has a property of electric charge. Electricity is related to magnetism, both being part of the phenomenon of electromagnetism.

In another definition; Electricity is a phenomenon associated with static and mobile electrical charges, as the electric charge is a fundamental property of the material that is carried by primary particles, and these particles are the electrons that bear a negative charge, and thus electricity is formed as a result of the movement and accumulation of a number of these electrons. Also, the main charges are the proton and the electron, so the proton carries a positive charge, and the electron carries a negative charge, and there are three basic systems that are used to measure electrical quantities, and the ampere is the most common and is the current unit, while Coulomb is the unit of charges, and the volt is the unit of electric force, and Ohm is the unit of resistance.

Discovering electricity

The Greek philosopher Thales Miletus is considered and known as one of the seven legendary sages, and he is the first person who studied electricity from about 600 BC, through contact with amber, a resinous substance fossil with fur, which may attract dust, feathers, and other lightweight things And these are the first experiments with static electricity, as well as to study electrical charges or static electricity, and I got the word electricity from the Greek electron, which means amber. In 1897, scientists discovered the presence of electrons, and this is where the modern era of electricity began, where materials are made of atoms, and these atoms are on a nucleus around which one or more electrons revolve, and some materials, such as: wood, glass, Plastic, ceramics, air and cotton are considered insulators of electricity, which they estimate are reluctant to share their electrons, which makes them non conductive of electricity.

There are two main types of electricity

Static electricity which is the result of charges between two bodies, one of which has a negative charge due to the presence of a large number of electrons, while the other body has a shortage of electrons and its charge is positive and cannot be taken advantage of.

Dynamic electricity which is a permanent flow of electrical current between two points, and can be controlled and the difference in voltage between these two points, and also can control the amount of time. Therefore this type of electricity can be used.

Dynamic electricity is divided into:

Ac power: which is the current that is created alternately and frequency, where its value and direction change. It is a wave that has a specific frequency so that this electric wave is repeated every 50 or 60 seconds. Or alternating equipment is most effective especially for household use, as all household appliances use alternating current. The flow of electrons through a conductor is in opposite directions and does not have two fixed ends for the positive and the negative. For example House sockets and generators.

Dc power: the designation of this type of current indicates that it has a constant in value and a constant in the direction, and these are two main things in determining the general physical condition. The constant electric current is transmitted from the current source through the presence of a difference in the negative and positive poles, where it is transmitted from the region with a high voltage which is the electrode the negative is a steady direction with its constant values ​​towards the positive electrode of the lowest voltage. The flow of electrons through a conductor is in one direction only and has two fixed positive and negative terminals and cannot be exchanged. Examples of constant current are the batteries and solar cells.

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