Fastest Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint – Do You Know
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Fastest Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Fastest Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Stop Eating (or Eat Less) Meat

One of the most effective ways to fight climate change is to stop eating meat or just having very few of it. You might be thinking that what effect will it put on, so I want to tell you that it creates a huge difference.

Agribusiness’s greenhouse gas emission is way disaster issue than fossil fuel. However, we still always talk about neglecting our reliance on fossil fuel, but we don’t discuss the primary culprit. Therefore, here the red meat is the main culprit as it consumes eleven times more water and generates five times more emission than its poultry counterparts. Well, it is not about becoming vegetarian, but at least try to have meat on a weekly basis. According to recent statistics, the average USA citizen eats 8.5 ounces of meat on a daily basis. Whereas, for preparing a single pound of beef, 5000 gallons of waters are required. Animal agriculture is causing a huge problem in the deficiency of water because it is the number of consumers of clean water.

·       Unplug Your Devices

Don’t be astonished because you are also contributing to leaving a carbon footprint on a daily basis. Your electronics consume energy when you plugged them for recharge or leaving unused. According to the recent statistics, around $19 billion every year are draining due to vampire power.

So, what to do then? Well, the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to don’t leave your electronics plugged in when you are not using them.

·       Drive Less:

Another essential and most effective way to reduce carbon footprint is to neglect going out with the car and choose to take a bus or train. You may be surprised to know that U.S public transport saves around 37 million tons of carbon emission each year. People are converted from car to bicycle, bus, or train, which has created a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emission. In the past 5 years, the number of cyclists in the US has reached 65 million. The eco-friendly innovations like hybrid cars and hybrid train routes is another alternative step by Government to reduce carbon emission and that is an excellent thing. The Government is taking other initiatives to reduce carbon emission by increase walking distance, creating Green infrastructures and green buildings for having exceptional community engagement.

·       Plant a Garden

Planting is one of the excellent and most effective ways to reduce the carbon footprint. Therefore, no matter whether you live in an apartment or a big house, you must plant some green if you want to contribute in reducing carbon emission. A good green planting can be planting a tree, flowers, or a small vegetable garden. Those who live in the city should consider building the gardens in their balcony because cities are usually hotter than the rural areas due to the vast number of roadways, human activities, and concrete buildings. So, this problem can only be resolved by planting greenery, which can alleviate the cooling effects in the hot cities


Mentioned above are the top 5 fastest ways to reduce carbon footprint. If you want to contribute to reducing the effects of carbon emission, then select one of the mentioned above way and implement it.

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