Free online computer courses

Free online computer courses

Technology invaded all domains in our current time, so it becomes necessary for you to know many computer skills that will qualify you to work in any field.

With the progress of technology, you can learn computer skills online and for free through may websites and platforms.

In following, I collected the free online computer courses and some platforms who famous for offering such courses.

ICDL course

It is the International Computer Driving License which is a certified certificate and is a good start for those who don’t know anything about computer.

The course consists of seven levels that help you learning the basics of computers.

  • Information technology and computer components.
  • operating system.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft Access
  • Internet basics

Computer Course (Anatomy of Computer Components)

Computer hardware, or what is known as hardware, is very important in dealing with different computers.

This course explains the difference between software and hardware, including learning about the internal components of the computer, including (processor and memory).

Photoshop basics

Photoshop is one of the most popular programs used in design and graphics. This course is concerned with helping you to identifying yourself with the main menus in this program and how to make simple adjustments to images without going into details that may not be suitable only for specialists in this field.

Internet basics

This course deals with the concept of the Internet in general, how it began, and what are the different stages of the development of the Internet. It also deals with different internet browsers (browsers), how to create e-mail, in addition to how to use different social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

There’re the most famous global sites and platforms that offer these courses:


The most famous of all, as it offers a lot of free courses from ancient universities around the world, and there are courses in Arabic and others in English.

In many fields, there are business administration, marketing, computer science, psychology, and other sciences and knowledge.


One of the most famous sites that offer courses and educational courses accredited by ancient universities in the world, so you can choose the field and search for courses and you can register for free.

It also provides a lot of courses in various fields, and the site enables you to obtain a certified certificate from it, but the course and its exams must be completed in order to obtain the certificate and to obtain a certificate, you will have to pay an amount of money.


One of the largest course sites on the Internet, and you will find very distinctive educational courses on this site more than 30 thousand courses in various fields, but not all of them are free and you need to pay in order to get them, but the fees for participating in the courses are not large according to the course and start from 20 dollars, It also offers an accredited.


One of the most important sites that offer multiple educational courses for free. You can join the field you want and start joining different educational courses and enjoy an exciting educational experience.


It needs to pay a small amount of money, as the site provides you with a lot of courses, but there are various subscriptions in order to get these courses in areas such as Photoshop and other montage and design programs. There is also a free 10-day trial if you want to try the courses before subscribing. Also, the amount for the subscription is not large, so it is in the range of 30$ or less, depending on your subscription.


This website or academy focuses on programming and teaching it. The site provides courses in the field, but in a different manner. As the site is very popular and its programming education solutions are different, interesting and distinctive as it shows you the problem and leaves you with a solution. This is a distinct style. So this academy really provides you with better ways to learn.


Courses and courses are available to you for free, as are scientific materials, videos and exams. There is also a monthly subscription to the site for those who want special treatment and to talk with the teachers, ask them and answer it, in addition to other features and advantages provided by the site.

But this site does not provide any certifications.

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