Going to the University in the USA

Going to the University in the USA

Many of us aspire to go to the United States of America to attend university there. However, many questions arise in our minds about which state I will go to, how to choose the appropriate university, how to join it, study and housing expenses, and many other questions, so we will answer most of the items on your mind to be able to travel and study efficiently.

The United States is at the forefront of countries obtaining high ratings for education, and American universities are distinguished by technologies and academic expertise that are unparalleled in the world.

Each university on its website displays the conditions of study in America and accordingly provides a form that includes the student’s data, the nature of the major, the number of study materials, the certificates the student has, the degrees obtained, and the student’s domicile.

Documents required when applying:

One of the conditions of study in America is for the student to send all the papers required by the academic authorities for examination before deciding on the acceptance of the student, and these papers are as follows:

1- Academic qualification, whether a high school diploma if the student wants to join American institutes and groups, or a university degree from the country of origin if he wants to join postgraduate studies in America, which varies between masters and doctorates.

2- A certified bank account statement is proving that the student has sufficient funds to meet the financial requirements and living expenses in the United States of America.

3- Notarized and certified copy of the student’s birth certificate.

4- A passport copy in addition to several personal photos as dictated by the study authority.

5- A certificate approved by a health authority stating that the student is free from infectious diseases.

6- One of the conditions for studying in America is to send a letter from the education authority in the student’s home country, recommending the student’s admission to the educational leader in America.

Entrance exam to study in America

Language tests: which is known as (TOEFL test), which is known on the world level, and some American universities require students to pass that test before joining them, and there is no exception to that test except for students who are graduates of foreign schools in their countries, and these must also be Schools are recognized by educational authorities in America.

SAT intellectual test: It is one of the most prominent conditions of study in America at some universities, and it is a choice to assess the student’s academic level and his ability to comprehend in general, and among what that test measure is the extent of the student’s ability to harmony and coexistence within the United States of America.

SAT Study Test: It is among the conditions of study in America. The aim is related to the residents or the university getting acquainted with their ability to be studied. Still, that type of exam differs from one university to another according to its specialization.

Other tests: Some universities require specific types of tests, unlike the ones above, which are about identifying the social skills and positive behaviors of the student, and it is one of the conditions for studying in America for some universities.

The average cost of living and studying in America

The cost of living and studying in America varies according to the entity with which the student is registered. University studies cost between 4-6 thousand dollars per semester, as the total expenses during the year are between 20-25 thousand dollars per year. The cost of renting the apartment ranges between 600-800 dollars a month, with a complete annual total of approximately 9 thousand dollars. The monthly student expenses reach around 400 dollars, i.e., in the year 4800 dollars. The tuition and living cost often decrease if the student enrolls in one of the American universities located on The eastern side.

Languages ​​approved for study in America and study dates:

English is the primary language of study in America. Still, some universities teach their subjects the French language, and the dates of the academic year differ from one side to the other, as is the nature of the school system itself, some depend on two semesters, and there is more than that.

The factors that the student chooses based on where to study in America

The financial burden and the quality of study are the main determinants of where to study in America. Despite this, some American universities offer free scholarships. You can learn about this on the Internet to get acquainted with the conditions of study in America for the universities that offer free grants. These scholarships require strict requirements than others and require specific specializations, qualifications, and grades.

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