How to care for skin daily

How to care for skin daily

Taking care of the skin and cleaning it is one of the most important things in order to obtain a radiant and clean skin and avoid the appearance of pimples and problems that lead to poor appearance of the skin, which may cause a lot of embarrassment, dissatisfaction and psychological problems for many women.

So, in this article, my lady will present you a simple daily routine that enables you to take care of your skin.

And the complexion is not limited to the skin of the face, but the body as a whole must be taken care of daily.

In the beginning, you should know that skin varies from person to person, and there are four types of skin;

(Oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin).

For that, you must know your skin type in order to be able to know the appropriate routine for it.

To keep your skin hydrated, supple, and free from blemishes and pimples you must;

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water.
  2. Adequate sleep at least 8 hours.
  3. Clean the skin morning and evening.
  4. Closes pores.
  5. Apply sunscreen cream.
  6. Moisturizing the skin with the appropriate compound.


Clean the skin with a suitable cleanser such as micellar water to rid the skin of dirt, impurities and make-up as well without making your skin tight and dry. It will prepare your skin for the next skincare steps, which means that the products you will use are effective.

You should choose cleansers that are gentle on your skin that do not expose them to dryness and suit your skin type and problems, and they must be fully tested and proven compatible with sensitive skin in an ideal way.

When choosing between a cleansing milk product and a cleansing gel, the general rule is that the drier the skin, the better the use of cleansing milk for it. It does not affect your skin’s own lipids, keeping your complexion balanced, and the cleansing gel is ideal for cleaning normal to combination skin types.


You should wipe the skin with a cotton ball moistened with toner, such as rose water, to remove the excess oils and dead skin cells. This will help stimulate and revitalize the skin and close pores.

You should use alcohol-free toners for most skin types. Alcohol-based toners have a soothing effect, but they may strip the skin of its natural lipids. Then it is possible that the skin will secrete excess fat in its attempt to replace that lost fat. Alcohol can also exacerbate the severity of the dryness of dry skin. As for people with oily or combination skin, a toner that contains alcohol can help regulate excessive sebum production by removing sebum.


Moisturizers help protect your skin from moisture loss and keep it looking soft and supple. You should choose moisturizers that contain ingredients such as vitamin E, glycerin, PR vitamin B5, and borage seed oil, all of which are beneficial for your skin.

You should choose your moisturizing by special characteristics with your skin;

  1. If you have oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer, so that it does not increase the shine of your skin caused by the excessive production of oils in your face.
  2. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing cream enriched with hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These two ingredients moisturize the skin in depth and prevent it from drying out.
  3. If you have sensitive skin, go for a fragrance-free moisturizing cream, so you don’t irritate your skin.
  4. If you have combination skin, go for a lightweight, water-based moisturizer. This type of cream will reduce the shine of your skin and moisturize it in depth at the same time.

You should choose a moisturizing cream that contains antioxidants such as green tea and retinol, which help stimulate collagen in the skin, maintain skin elasticity and promote cell repair. Hence, the moisturizing cream rich in these effective ingredients will leave your skin always healthy and fresh.

Sun protection

Effective protection from the sun is essential to keeping the skin healthy and it should always be a part of your daily skin care routine. This is necessary especially if the skin is sensitive or if it is prone to acne, for example, as it is more susceptible to sun damage. Although spending a few minutes in the sun daily helps the proper production of Vitamin D, facial skin is often exposed to UV rays for several hours. Excessive exposure to UV rays is the main cause of skin aging. For this reason, skin that will be exposed to the sun should be protected with sunscreen.

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