How to Fall Asleep Fast

How to Fall Asleep Fast

Good sleep is always for everyone as it can affect your health. If you sleep enough then your brain will work and your health will also be better. If you anyone has some sleeping problem then it can affect their health severely. Most people have problems but some people have sleeping problems.

Poor sleep may have negative effects on any parts of your body and brain. You can face some learning, memory, food and emotion problems if you feel some poor sleep.

Here we are discussing some way to fall asleep that will help to understand how to sleep and how it will be affected for you.

  1. Lower the Room Temperature
  2. Use the “4-7-8” Breathing Method
  3. Get on a Schedule
  4. Experience Both Daylight and Darkness
  5. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness
  6. Do Not Look at Your Clock
  7. Avoid Naps during the Day
  8. Watch What and When You Eat
  9. Listen to Relaxing Music
  10. Exercise during the Day
  • Lower the room temperature

Your room temperature has can affect your sleeping as it can cause a disturbance. When you go for sleep then the temperature of your hand and feet may increase and it will decrease the core temperature of your room. If your room temperature is too cold or warm then it will be difficult for you to sleep properly. So it is important for your sleeping that your temperature should be balanced. We suggest 60–75°F (15–23°C) room for better sleeping.

  • Use the “4-7-8” Breathing Method

You can use the 4-7-8 method that is very simple and powerful as it can promote calmness and relaxation. It can also help you to unwind before going to bed.  There is a breathing pattern in this method and it can relax your nervous system. You can apply this method when you are anxious or stressed. We are going to mention complete steps for this method.

  1. The first step is to place the tip of the tongue behind the upper front teeth.
  2. After that try to exhale completely through your mouth and make a whoosh sounds.
  3. after exhaling try to close your mouth and inhale through your nose while mentally counting to four.
  4. Holding breath and counting to seven.
  5. Opening of mouth and exhaling make a whoosh sound and mentally counting to eight.
  6. You can repeat this cycle at least three more times.
  • Get on a Schedule

It is important for better sleeping that you should set time for it. You should sleep at least 8 hours and it is only possible that you should go to bed at the time. As we know that our body has its own regulatory system that is called circadian rhythm. This system helps to remain our self-alert during the day time and sleep at night time.

If you wake up and go for the bed at the same time in a day then your internal clock system will make a regular schedule. If your body can adjust this schedule then it will be easier to fall asleep and wake up at the same time.

  • Experience Both Daylight and Darkness

Light may influence the internal clock system of your body and it can regulate sleep and wakefulness. There may be some irregular light exposure that will lead to the disruption of circadian rhythms. It would lead to a falling disturbance for you.  So you should need to expose your body in bright light that will alert your body system. At night darkness can promote some feeling of sleepiness. As much research shows that darkness can boost the production of melatonin that is one of the essential hormones for sleep.

  • Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

When you are in stress then you will feel some difficulties with sleeping. So meditation and mindfulness are some tools that are helpful to calm the mind and relax the body. Meditation may also enhance melatonin levels and assist the brain in achieving a specific state where sleep is easily achieved.

  • Do Not Look at Your Clock

It is common for some people that they wake up in the middle of the night and they look at the watch so this practice can cause some problems to sleep again. So it is suggested that for proper sleep you should not look at your clock at night time. Clock watching is due to insomnia so this behavior may cause anxiety for your sleeping.

  • Avoid Naps during the Day

Some people have habits of sleeping at day time so they feel difficulties for night sleeping. It is called daytime napping. So if you get proper sleeping then try to avoid from day time napping.

  • Watch What and When You Eat

You should also see your food before going to bed as food because also disturbance your sleeping. You should use high herbs meals in night time before going to a bed. Research also shows that high card meals can be good food for night rest. If you may eat a high-carb meal for dinner, you should eat it at least four hours before going to bed. There is a time required to digest the food.

  • Listen to Relaxing Music

Music can also improve your mood and when you are anxious or in stress then you can listen to music. If you listen to the music then it will be better for your sleep as you will be able to sleep

  • Exercise during the Day

Physical activity is always better for human health and if you do exercise daily then it will help to have better sleep in a night. So we can say that exercise is the other way of best sleeping in a night. When you will have better sleep then your mind will be fresh and you will perform daily activities better.


Having 8-10 hours’ sleep is necessary for human health as it is only possible when you are relaxed and you do something for yourself like better nigh food, exercise, physical activities and hearing music. We have described some possible ways to have a better sleep.

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