How to free up space on iPhone – Do You Know
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How to free up space on iPhone

How to free up space on iPhone

How to free up space on iPhone

How to free up space on iPhone

Your iPhone may be full of junk you don’t need. You don’t know how much space is left on your iPhone? When you try to download a new app then you see that your phone is full of storage. You should know, what’s the best way to move files you want to keep in order to free up space? So you can make some smart decisions about what to keep and what to delete from your phone.

If you are looking for some ways to free up some space on iPhone then these ways can help you to adjust the space on your phone.

  1. Check your usage

If you are thinking to clean up space on your phone then you must find out what’s taking up the most space on your phone. After that, there is simple for you to clean the space as you can go to setting app where you will be able to see the following options,

General > Usage > Manage Storage

You can see how much space is used and how much is available to use. You can also see the list of your apps using most of the space.


  1. Beware of apps’ internal downloads

You can see the numbers in Manage Storage include how much the app has own storage. There are small apps that can store large files. So you should know about the app’s internal downloads. If we take an example of a Spotify app, then it has storage of 56 MB but when there is a lot of music downloaded to the phone, it can take a large amount of space. So, you can tap any app icon in Manage Storage to see its size.

  1. Delete unused games

Games can take a lot of space of your phone and there are many gaming apps that look small but they can take up more than 1 GB of space due to 3- D graphics. For example, Oregon Trail which is a famous game can take the 1.2 GB Space. Further children can also download a lot of games and you have no idea about it.

There may be some hidden games on your phone and you don’t need to play again. So you should delete it to clean the space from your iPhone.  It will be only possible within the Manage Storage by tapping on the app.



  1. Remove old podcasts and videos

You can also clean up space of your phone by removing all old videos and podcasts. If you have seen all movies and videos that are saved on your phone then you can easily delete it. Movies can take a lot of space so you should delete unused videos to free up space on your phone.

  1. Set messages to automatically expire

Messages can also take space on your mobile so you should delete all unnecessary messages. Further, you can set the messages to automatically expire. It will help you to delete your old message automatically and save your storage of mobile. This is a very easier method rather deleting old threads manually.

For this purpose, you have to go to settings and then select messages. After choosing messages, select 30 days or 1 year as per your need. Further, you can also adjust the storage of your videos and messages.

  1. Use Google+ or Drop box for storing photos

If you have a lot of photos then you should use Google+ or Drop box for storing photos. It will be better for you to use these apps as you can save your phone storage.

For this purpose, it is necessary for you to download the Google+ app and Google account, and then you can use this app for storing your pictures. Further, you can use the Drop box for this purpose.

  1. Stop using Photo Stream

You will be surprised to know that the iPhone photo stream automatically syncs the last 1000 photos across your iPhone. You can stop using photo stream to clean up space from your iPhone.

For this purpose, go under setting to scroll down to photos & camera and toggle off My Photo Stream. This is the method for saving your iPhone storage.

  1. Only save HDR photos

Sometimes it happens that your photos can store two images of the same photo. This is due to using HDR. If your phone HDR is on the camera setting is the best for capturing images in low light. So you don’t want to keep the normal videos then shoot in HDR.

For this purpose select the Photo & camera and scroll to the bottom and deselect Keep Normal Photo. It is the easiest way to save your storage of phones.

  1. Delete your reading list

Safari offline reading list also takes some unnecessary space-saving webpages to read when there is no internet connection. So you should clear the Safari Offline reading list. For this purpose, you should open the Settings app and go for General. After that go to storage & iCloud Usage. You will see under storage tap Manage Storage and Safari. Swipe can leave over the words Offline Reading List and taps Delete. It will help you to clear the cache. It will not only delete the individual items from the reading list.

All this will happen when you open the Safari app and go to Reading List and Swipe leftover items you want to delete.

  1. Clear Browser Cache

If there is a safari app on your iPhone, it will store web history. If you clear the browser then it will clean up your mobile space.

It is a very simple process as just open the Setting app and Tap Safari. After that scroll down and click Clear History and Website Data.

If you are using the chrome browser then open Chrome and tap the triple-dot button in the top right. After this tap History and Clear Browsing Data at the bottom of screen.

If you are looking some ways to free up some space in your phone then these ways can help you to adjust the space in your phone.

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