How to make distilled water

How to make distilled water

We all agree that the water has a very important role in our life and in the life of most of the creatures . in human life the water keeps us healthy and it has a great importance such as : the water makes us be active and able to do a physical performance . water keeps and regulate our body temperature .it also makess our bodes moisture . it has been proven that deficiency of water may lead to serious problems such as : dehydration , seizure or even death . according to American Institute of Medicine females daily consume around 2.7b liters of water while males consume 3.7 liters where human can’t survive without water for 3 days . water forms 60% of human body weight.

The water has a great function in all fields of the life . in industry water enters in The manufacture of a lot of things for example : paper , oils , metals ,and wood .it also enters in a lot of industrial process as : producing commodities such as : food and chemicals and it is also used in Washing process , diluting process and cooling processes . the water is also main in growing all plants so from the pervious we can conclude that the water is the secret of life .

There is a type of water that is called distilled water . factories make distilled water through a process called Distillation by water distillation machines. in this process the normal drinking water is heated in a container on a fire of 100 c the pure water evaporates at this temperature and all other minerals , impurities and pollutants remains in the container because they evaporates through higher temperature then the vapor is condensed and cooled forming distilled water . this process is also used in water purification processes . we can also make distillation process at our homes but by less quantities than that produced in large factories .

Dr. R. V. Kleinschmidt developed a compression , for extracting fresh water from sea water or contaminated water. By compressing the steam produced by boiling water so he could produce distilled water in a cheaper way where there were less fuel used for heating .and this way was used widespread by the ships and water distillation units and stations .

There is also a distillation process that occurs naturally around us . the water in the sea , oceans , swamps , lakes , rivers or any other water sources is evaporated through the sun heat and when the vapor reaches the atmosphere at certain temperature it condenses and pours down in the form of rains . this 0roduced water from rains are pure unless the place where the water evaporated was polluted area .

But can we humans drink distilled water ? Of course we can but there are advantages and disadvantages for that .from the advantages : the distilled water will be more safe that the normal drinking water if the place u live provide you with water contain a lot of pesticides and chemicals .distilled water can also be drunk through diets because it doesn’t contain any nutrients , metals ,minerals or even other inorganic compounds so we can use it to control the amount of calories . on the other side drinking distilled water can be dangerous if we weren’t careful . distilled water can withdraw minerals from your body or in your teeth so we must compensate that loss by eating proper amounts of vegetables and fruits daily . also distilled water can pull little amount of the bottles that it is in like plastic ones and that is dangerous to be drunk .

Distilled water is used in industry for example in chemical reactions because some minerals in tap water may react with reactants through the chemical reaction . it is used in making medicines in the medical field . also it is used to help jet planes to take off where it increase the air density . it can be used in stream irons for pressing clothes .

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