How to Make Husband Happy

how to make husband happy

how can you make your husband happy? How can you make him feel blessed to have a woman like you as his soulmate?

A marriage is only happy and healthy when both parties are happy. Your husband should be more than the father of your kids, a breadwinner or a pair of helping hands around the house. HeÕs the man married to you, your companion for life.

As such, making him feel happy and blessed to be knotted to you should be a priority in your list of to-dos on daily.

In this short guide, weÕll show you some of the little things you can do to make your husband happy and keep your marriage happier and healthier.

How to make your husband happy

Make sex a priority

No big surprise here. Sex is a big deal when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse in marriage.

Sex is a top need for men and keeping him satisfied should be a priority for you. Striving to fulfil your husband sexual needs however should be met with enthusiasm rather than the passive nature most women tend to exhibit when it comes to sex with their spouse.

Sex should be active with both partners actively participating and receiving pleasure. When you participate actively in the bedroom, your man will feel wanted and will aim even more to please you than when it is just him always feeling the need.

Let him lead

Let your man be the leader of the home. This will make him feel that you trust him and most importantly, that you rely on him. By giving him control over the wheel, he feels a sense of responsibility towards you and the marriage.

Giving him the lead however doesnÕt mean you stop contributing to issues of the marriage or questioning him when heÕs actions seems wrong. In as much as you allow him to become the leader of the home, you should lend in your voice to matters that concern the both of you and always give in your opinions.

Kiss him a lot

Men are tender creatures just as you are. They have tender hearts and desire to be shown as much love as the next woman out there.

One way to make him understand how much you care about him is through kisses and lots of it. Just like when you were dating and would kiss a lot, keep that passion alive and continue to shower him with kisses.

Forgive him constantly

Forgive him for breaking your heart especially when he sincerely apologizes for doing something that may have hurt you.

Also, learn to forgive him for petty offences he may have committed for which he may not be aware. While you can always bring that up later so that he will not repeat the same mistake again, gently let him know that you have forgiven him already while doing so.

When you forgive your husband, you do not only make him happy but also heal your broken heart and increases the chances of bringing up and tackling issues that may otherwise build up and reach a climax.

The above are some of the few ways to make your husband happy. Making your husband happy comes from understanding that your husband wants to be treated and respected just as he treats and respects you.

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