How To Whiten Teeth

How To Whiten Teeth

We all love that beautiful smile with shining teeth. It not only makes us look good but also adds to our confidence and leaves a pleasing personality on the person we interact with.  But are you worried about your smile? Do you feel ashamed of your yellow teeth and avoid living freely? Then your days of worries and tension are over because we have come up with the best teeth whitening solutions for you so that you can get back your lost confidence and smile freely every time you want. Glance through the lines below to know about it in detail.

  • Try Baking Soda: While this may sound awkward but brushing your teeth with baking soda can make it look sparkling white and beautiful. Baking soda contains natural teeth whitening properties and thus it is widely used in commercial toothpaste available in the market. It is mildly abrasive in nature and can show fruitful results in scrubbing away long-lasting strains from your teeth. Moreover, it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and germs by creating an alkaline environment in our mouth and thereby resulting in sparkling white teeth.
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its natural cleaning properties. The primary ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid which kills germs and harmful bacteria in our mouth. This antibacterial property makes it one of the ultimate choices for teeth whitening and mouth cleaning. However, you must remember that acetic acid can erode the enamel on your teeth if used in the wrong way. So you should exercise caution before using it. It is advisable not to use it regularly and limit the contact time with your teeth for the best results.
  • Eat Plenty Of Fruits And Vegetables: Vegetables and fruits are not only beneficial for your body but also for your teeth. If you eat raw fruits and vegetable it can rub away plaque from your teeth as you chew them and make them healthier. Especially pineapple and strawberries can be effective in whitening your teeth to a great extent.
  • Go for Oil Pulling: Oil pulling basically involves washing your mouth with oil in order to remove debris, dirt, and bacteria from your teeth that can cause plague and make your teeth look yellow in color. Although this cannot be a substitute for brushing or flossing your teeth it can result in whitening your teeth if used effectively after brushing. It is advisable to rinse your mouth thoroughly after you brush your teeth and spit it out for the best results. You can either use sesame oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil for this purpose. However, coconut oil is the most preferred choice due to its health benefits and pleasant taste. Moreover, it is also rich in lauric acid which is known for its bacteria removal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Try Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years in treating wounds due to its antibacterial properties. Moreover, it is a natural bleaching agent which can make your teeth sparkling white in color. As per research, toothpaste which contains 1% hydrogen peroxide along with baking soda has resulted in substantially whiter teeth. Therefore it can be a good solution for your teeth whitening requirements.

To conclude we can say that getting sparkling white teeth is now not a difficult task at all. Simply follow certain healthy habits and keep an eye on the tips mentioned above in order to get that attractive smile you always dreamt of.

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