huawei p20 pro vs p30 pro

huawei p20 pro vs p30 pro

Huawei p20pro is a mobile phone that shows Huawei’s leading photography technology. It is very good in appearance and using experience. Now Huawei p30pro has been released. Let’s analyze Huawei’s two phones from multiple perspectives.

About Performance

Huawei’s p20pro uses the Kirin 970 processor developed by Huawei. In terms of performance, this once-first-line processor is not a very powerful one in today’s top processors. Especially in terms of GPU–Graphics Processing Unit, Kirin 970 still has a lot of shortcomings but which are only at the level of top-level processors. Compared to mid-to-high-end processors, the Kirin 970 is an excellent choice to cope with some great mobile games.

In terms of systems, Huawei p30pro is equipped with an EMUI system. This system does an excellent job of packaging. It can also effectively use the processor’s operating resources to enhance processor performance.

Huawei p30pro’s Kirin 980 processor, is undoubtedly a vast improvement over the previous generation’s 970. If you do not have particularly high-performance requirements for mobile phones, there is no problem with Kirin 970 now. After all, the performance of most devices is excess.

Powerful camera

Huawei p20pro is still a reliable phone in terms of photography. Its front camera is 24 million pixels, and the rear camera is 40 million pixels. For night scene shooting, Huawei’s p20pro, well recognized by the public, is as well as in daytime shooting. Huawei p20pro is still very good in color and fineness, just like Apple’s processor and system.

Even the latest iteration of mobile phones has not affected the status of Huawei p20pro photography. But p30pro has a 32 million pixels front camera that supports HDR and backlit selfies with dark light.

Battery capacity

The Huawei P30 Pro battery has an ability of 4200mAh and supports 40W super-fast charging, 15W wireless fast charging, and reverse charging. Huawei P20 Pro uses a 6.1-inch display with a resolution of 2240×1080, a battery capacity of 4000mAh, and only supports Huawei SuperCharge fast charging.

Someone experimented that the last battery power is 45% when they play 1080P video for 10 hours under the highest brightness and WIFI conditions. It’s known that the power consumption of playing video is enormous. Generally, a mobile phone will run out of power for a few hours. Still, Huawei P30 Pro phone has 45% of battery power left after 10 hours of playing. We can see that this phone is doing an excellent job in terms of battery life.

In terms of appearance

The full-screen solution of p20Pro is more like a helpless and compromised result. First of all, full-screen was popular at the time, but p20Pro did not have 3d structured light technology. At the same time, the fingerprint reader was plugged at the bottom. In other words, the overall layout is very uncoordinated. p30Pro is much better in comparison. It uses a beautiful curved full screen, which runs from edge to edge to provide more viewing space. The overall look is much improved compared to p20Pro.

But some people think the curved screen of the P30Pro is too large, especially it is a bit inconvenient to use when taking subways, buses, etc. If so, the use-value of mobile phones reduce, which is one of its biggest drawbacks.

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