Impact of Habitat Destruction on Marine Life

Impact of Habitat Destruction on Marine Life

Habitat destruction is the prevailing issue that is imposing pressure on global ecology. With the current situation of climate change and overfishing, habitat destruction is also affecting the oceans. Oceans are the home to millions of species. But, due to advancements in industries and life, the situation of oceans is getting worse day by day. Acidification of the oceans, water pollution, oil spilling, and the production of alien species are the major threats to the oceans.

What is Habitat Destruction?

Habitat destruction is the major issue that is affecting the overall ecological scenario. There are two categories of habitat: the soft bottom and hard bottom habitat. The soft bottom environment is referred to as the mud, sand, and fine grain sediments. It is known as the ocean’s largest habitat. So, it plays a major role in biodiversity. However, we can divide the soft bottom environment further on the base of light exposure, productivity, depth, and temperatures. The availability of food and grains also matters to divide the soft bottom habitat. We can also count the seagrass meadows and micro algae in it.

Hard bottom habitats are all the underline areas beneath the soft bottom. It includes all kinds of soft rocks, coral reef associated flora and fauna. They are extended throughout the bottom of the ocean. We call them hard bottom habitat due to the presence of coral reefs.

Apart from these two habitats, we also count intertidal habitats. These are the regions between low and high tides. They are various in number and change according to the tides in the ocean. The salt marshes and mangrove forests are included in this habitat type.

How Humans are affecting Marine life?

Global warming is a different situation; we are destroying marine life too. It is an alarming situation that is affecting the biodiversity of oceans. Our wrong actions are supporting the destruction and changing marine habitats. When the habitat gets changed suddenly, the animals cannot get enough time to adjust to those conditions. As a result, we see a loss in the marine species, mass destruction, and death of animals.

With the passage of time, our dependence on marine life is increasing. But, on the other side, pollution, overexploitation, and over urbanization are affecting marine life. So, what are we doing? We are simply getting higher output and destroying the oceans as well. It is the need of the hour that our actions are taking away life from the oceans. According to a study, a major portion of trash and garbage of humans is present in the oceans.

What are the impacts of Habitat Destruction on Marine Life?

Habitat destruction is seriously damaging the species richness, distribution, inter population dynamics, gene pools, and genetic variations in the oceans. The entire ecosystem is affected by this critical issue. When the salt marshes and seagrass habitat are affected, they become unable to sequester carbon dioxide.

As a result, the carbon dioxide concentration begins to increase in the environment. The destructive fishing particles displace the habitats and the production of species is decreasing. The primary production is affected due to excessive sedimentation in the oceans. With the installation of pipelines and optical fibers, the marine ecosystem is disturbing. Due, to these reasons major habitat losses are happening around the world’s oceans.

Marine biodiversity is balancing the food chains. The habitat destruction is damaging these food chains and resulting in a decrease of a specific population. Marine animals and plants are the most important biological sources. For humans, they are the unique sources for chemicals that are used in medicines. According to the research of 2003, more than half of the cancer drugs are produced by marine organisms. So, loss in habitat can cause potential damage to human health too.

We need to talk about it, the most disastrous result of habitat destruction is the death of species. It is announced that over fishing is resulting in a sudden population loss. In addition to it, habitat destruction is taking it to the edge. According to current affairs, we have lost many precious species. Due to the loss of habitat, the animals cannot survive. They can’t get enough time to adjust quickly. They even lose a favorable production environment.

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