Luminous dynamic waves

Luminous dynamic waves

“Happiness comes in waves.”

Oceans have much more importance in our daily lives; we all know they regulate the earth’s temperature and provide us oxygen, energy, and raw material medication. Apart from God’s gift, there are many other beautiful things that the ocean has to offer us, one of those things is luminous, dynamic water waves.
Most of the people do not know about this, because it is not very common and some fewer people have observed this awe-inspiring sight.

What are luminous, dynamic water waves?

The word luminous means something that glows, and by the whole world, “Luminous, dynamic water waves,” we take the meaning of the sea waves that get the electric blue glow. In today’s world, where we all are busy seeing the human made artificial lights, there is something that is giving us the nature call. If we look deeply, then we can see the beauty of the quiet glow of bioluminescence.

What is the cause of luminous, dynamic water waves?

Here the real question of what it takes to create this eye-catching view in the sea?  So, the luminous waves are the natural phenomenon and result of “phytoplankton bloom,” which usually starts in the march. The word bloom means that tiny organisms are increasing due to the perfect growing conditions in the sea.

“Bioluminescence is the ability of an organism to create and emit light when chemical reactions happen.”

As we know that algae present in every liter of the seawater, and during the daylight, it appears at the surface of the ocean. The algae (phytoplankton) absorbs the sunlight during the day, and it has a brownish color, which then turns into blue. When there is so many brownish phytoplankton in the ocean, it is called red tide, and at nighttime, they begin to glow blue.

Incredible places with the luminous, dynamic water waves

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to enjoy them.”

Most of you want to see this beautiful night view right now, so here are some places. You can see the awe-inspiring view with luminous waves at the following locations:

The Blue Grotto Malta

It is one of the most splendid views in the oceans of Malta, but it is only reachable by the particular licensed boat. These ocean caves are surrounded by the long and hard cliffs which present a fantastic site for the visitors.

Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico

The luminous waves at this place are not strong enough to capture, but they can still attract tourists in their trans. Along with the glowing waves, you have the opportunity to try kayak and stargazing.

San Diego, California

If you want to see this fantastic site, you will have to plan things correctly because it does not happen every year. Scientists are unable to predict the timing when they will happen. When they appear, they appear splendidly, people head towards the beach and take pictures to make it a memory.

Navarre Beach, Florida

Florida has the perfect weather to enjoy the summer weather at the beaches in warm water. You can enjoy the kayaking and take a look at this splendid sight along with some dancing fishes.

Toyama Bay, Japan

These luminous, dynamic waves are different from others because they do not happen due to algae; they occur due to phosphorescent creatures (Firefly squid). Every year from March to June, this creature comes up at the water for breeding and presents a fantastic sight for tourists and fishers.

Matsu island, Taiwan

It is famous as the “blue tear water” around the Matsu island. Scientists are still researching and taking samples of water to know the organism in the water. The scientists will take another year to study this place, which will be open to tourists.

Are the luminous, dynamic water waves bad for marine life?

Luminous, dynamic water waves are the result of nature, and they are not toxic to marine life. Phytoplankton or algae is beneficial for marine life, and it flourishes in the warmer sea and upper level of seawater. According to SCCOOS, due to global warming, there is an increasing heatwave level, which is the reason for the unprecedented improvement in luminous water waves.

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