Methodos of Self-expression

Methodos of Self-expression

Self-expression can be defined as expressing one’s thoughts and feelings, these expressions can be accomplished through either words, choices and actions. This definition shows the core of the self-expression.

Countries and cultures are different in the values they hold, as we can find that the Middle East are at the opposite end of the spectrum from Western countries on two major values; traditional versus secular-rational values and survival values versus self-expression values. As, western countries do tend to place less to no importance when it comes to traditional families values, religion and obedience but it does attend more importance to environmental protection and social justice.

On the other hand, we can find that the East Asian countries to attend much importance when it comes to tradition and region, they also do place great value on economic and physical security.

Self-expression varies across cultures and countries according to their different values as the importance of self-expression will basically depends on the location and the culture you are steeped in as we can find that in many countries, self-discovery would be considered as unusual or odd.

Self-expression do not only encourage us to be the best we can be but also does allow us to work effectively with others , as that when we do express ourselves we do move from a state of protection to a state of partnering, in this state we get our best innovative work done.

We can find examples of self-expression everywhere around us and as example for common ways that people in our life may use to express themselves is; sharing details about their day and how it did make them feel, wearing an off-trend item of clothing just because they do like, playing guitar on the street without a container to take donations, yelling to express their frustration about traffic and employing body language that does tell you exactly how someone does feel about him-self.

The best way to improve your self-expression skills is to practice them, some examples for self-expression skills; speaking, writing, body language and artistic endeavors.

There are a lot of engaging and seemingly indirect ways to familiarize children’s’ self-expression and understanding others, parents does propose seven stages to encourage a child to build their self-expression skills; teach your child to interpret spoken and body language, reinforce the concept of “personal space” by encouraging child to stay at arm’s length when he is talking to someone, make a space between a child and another when sitting together, avoid hugging unknown persons, explain the meaning of idiomatic expressions, work on the art of conversation, model behavior that teaches the smart way to ask for help or a favor, demonstrate the power of “please” and “ thank you “ as more than just good manners but excellent tools, teach the child how to listen and follow directions.

You may need to upgrade the techniques and make things more organic when it comes to pre-teens and teens, we can find ten tips to encourage self-expression in our pre-teens and teens; encourage the child to dance to express himself, help the child to design a website or share his thoughts with family and friends, do a creative craft with the child, celebrate the child’s style, support the child’s engaging in sports, encourage the child to mentor younger children to practice their own skills, give a child a camera and let him snap away, get outdoors and do a nature-oriented activity together, ask your child to take you to a guided tour to somewhere he spends a lot of time, help the child to make a video documentary about himself.

If it comes to your own self-expression skills, you can find these 6 tips to assist  in your self-expression skills; speak your truth in the moment instead of looking back on a conversation, widely define yourself, engage in creative techniques, acquire self-knowledge-know who you are, pursue wants and passions voraciously, develop a keen sense of reality.

These are somehow general tips, but in reality, committing to them will help you in becoming a master of your own self-expression.

One more thing, we should try to take advantage of the fact when we think about all things we should have said or done.

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