Overfishing-The Threat to Water Life

Overfishing-The Threat to Water Life

Overfishing is the biggest threat to water life. We are losing many important species of fish due to this issue. No doubt, today, fish capturing is a significant way to get protein an income. At the edge of this poverty, it is the livelihood of a lot of people. The coastal communities are totally dependent on fish. It is the need of the hour to understand the issues of these people and stop people from eating the seafood that is at the edge of extinction.

In the past fishing was not that dangerous and was sustainable. It was because they did not know the latest technologies and methods to catch fish. They had the limits of sources and vessels to catch them. Due to this, they were able to catch only a limited number of fish.

What is meant by Overfishing?

Overfishing is a way of fish catching in which people catch fish more than they need.  Due to this reason, the population of that specific breed starts to diminish. It becomes very tough to recover the depleted species. With commercial fishing, people catch a lot of many other sea creatures and then discard them. So, overfishing, not only affecting the number of the specific fish, but also the other sea creatures and animals. The prolonged fishing causes severe damage to the world’s assets.

Overfishing is damaging the ecosystem and that is resulting in the disturbance of the food chain. We all know that a major portion of the earth’s population is dependent on fish. As a result of this issue, they are losing their important source of protein. If this situation persists, we will face serious issues of the food crisis. It is expected that the seafood will be banished from the earth by 2048.

How Overfishing is affecting World?

Overfishing is causing serious damage to the world. We all know that global warming and greenhouse gases are already causing so much damage to ocean life. Due to the increasing temperature, the fish’s life is threatened. But, humans are causing more damage to them than climate changes. Bluefin Tuna is the favorite fish of most of us, we all love to have them in Tuna salad. But, do you know that the population of Bluefin Tuna has decreased to 96% in the last century.

Though there is consumption regulation, the population is decreasing. The fish species are facing unsustainable damage and their reproduction rate is also lowering. This is the most serious issue. It is because of the reason that humans catch juvenile and adult fish without discrimination. As a result, the number of fish that can reproduce is lowered. It is the most serious issue that should be noticed in order to save fish species. Poor fishing management is the major cause of fish population depletion.

How we can control Overfishing?

When some issues happen in the world, everyone says we cannot control it alone. But, did you think ever that first step leads you to the destination. So, if you cannot control all the people, just make yourself right. You can do the same in case of Overfishing. Let’s take the first step. You can protect those cute fish by lowering the consumption of seafood. Because you can get protein from a lot of other sources. I understand that sushi is your favorite seafood. But, to save the world’s fish population, you need to skip it. Just try at once, it will make a pretty good difference. If we will ignore this disastrous situation a time will come when there will be no fish left on the earth.

So, it is your duty to tell the world that there must be laws for fishing. It is a need of the hour for all of us and leaders to take serious action against Overfishing. There should be smarter management systems that will be known as fishing rights. The under fishing rights will work more for them. The government should announce the improvement in the income of fishermen with an increase in the fish population. It will work more for the protection of the fish population. No doubt, it is the most sustainable strategy that can save our species.

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