Pink Clouding Law And Order SVU

Pink Clouding Law And Order SVU

Law And Order SVU

Sometimes the scene that we watch on television looks more interesting than real life and this happens in one of the episodes of Law and Order SVU, “Girl Dishonored”. The episode which is influenced by true events portrayed a rape case in Steubenville High School. The episodes had gained huge popularity all over the world and the end scenes of this episode make it more attractive as here, they portrayed some scenes which are influenced by Project Unbreakable. If you don’t know what Project Unbreakable is, you don’t have to worry. Go through the following point:

Project Unbreakable

Project Unbreakable is basically an organization that helps those people who are sexually assaulted. This institution helps them to spread their message through quotes written on posters. Project Unbreakable takes their photographs and hold such posters and spread it.

Grace Brown started Project Unbreakable in 2011 when she was 19 through sharing a shivering story of her friend. The main objective of this organization is to spread awareness of stigma and issues related to sexual assault and fortunately, they have been doing it very effectively since then.

How Pink Clouding and Law and Order SVU Are Related

Although Pink Clouding is related to human mental problems, the term was mainly popularized when it was used in ‘Girl Dishonored’, an episode of Law And Order SVU in 2013. The main protagonist of this episode was Lindsey, a college student and the episode showed how she was sexually assaulted in a frat party. After that, she had committed suicide. Rollins played the role of a detective in that episode said she had been suffering from ‘pink clouding’

What Is Pink Clouding?

Pink clouding is otherwise known as Pink Cloud Syndrome which is mostly experienced by recovering addicts when they are into the first stage of recovery. An unrealistic, as well as extreme feeling, captures their body and mind. It is also known as Euphoria. Some other syndromes of Pink Clouding are Dehydration and vomiting.

Origin of Pink Clouding

The term pink clouding was first used by Bob and Deborah in a book, ‘Dare To Confront!: How To Intervene When Someone You Care About Has AN Alcohol Or Drug Problem’. Well, the book was published in 1992 and in this book, the writer had mentioned several euphoric feelings. Everything becomes pink or rosy for the protagonist of the story after getting recovered from an addiction. Well, such kind of feeling is temporary and when such feelings are worn away, the real problem of addiction starts. Relapse of such addiction occurs and the whole situation becomes very complex as well as mentally challenged to survive.

Application of Pink Clouding

Pink clouding is being extensively used in many mental health communities and you can even find this term on many websites of such communities. People experiencing pink clouding suffer from complicated mental problems.

So, this is all about ‘Pink Clouding’. Hope this article has enriched you with vital information on Pink Clouding Law and Order SVU.

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