Pollution, Types and Damage

Pollution, Types and Damage

Environmental pollution is nowadays the biggest challenge facing the word, and there are many sources of pollution each one has its effect and damage on the environment and on the living organisms, there are many other types of pollution including air, water, land and noise pollution.

  • There are two types of air pollution which are primary and secondary; the primary pollution is been emitted directly from their source, while secondary pollution is been formed when the primary pollution does react in the atmosphere, such as in the burning of fossil fuels for transportation and electricity produces as both primary and secondary pollution and one of the biggest sources of air pollution, also the heavy use of fertilizer for agriculture is a major contributor of air pollution, and ammonia is the primary air pollutant that does come from agricultural activities and after ammonia does enter the air as a gas it does combine with other pollutants to create aerosols that can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause heart and pulmonary disease.
  • Nutrient pollution is been caused by wastewater, sewage, and fertilizers as the high levels of nutrients in these sources do end in bodies of water and promote algae and weed growth which may make the water undrinkable and depleted oxygen which does cause aquatic organisms to die, industrial waste is the main cause of water pollution, by creating primary and secondary pollutants and this does include; sulphur, lead and mercury, nitrates and phosphates, and oil spills.
  • Land pollution is the destruction of the land as a result of human’s activities and the misuse of the land resources and this does occur when humans do apply chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides to the soil, also soil is been polluted through direct discharge of waste water by industrial plants into rivers and oceans, also over-farming and over-grazing by does cause soil degradation.
  • Noise is considered as an environmental pollution that is caused by household sources, social events, commercial and industrial activities, and transportation and light pollution is been caused by the prolonged and excessive use of artificial lights at night that can cause health problems in humans and disrupt natural cycles.

The damage and effect of pollution is all around us, high levels of air pollution can cause risk of heart attack, coughing, and breathing problems, animals also can suffer from health problems due to air pollution such as birth defects and diseases, also air pollution does cause a number of environmental effects as acid rain does damage trees and acidify soils and water bodies and does make the water too acidic for fish and other aquatic life.

The damage and effect of water pollution does depend on which chemicals are being dumped where and the biggest consequence of water pollution is the death of aquatic creatures, which can disrupt the entire food chain.

Contaminated land and soil can cause various problems on the skin, respiratory problems, and even can cause different kinds of cancers as toxic substances do come into contact with the human body directly through eating fruits and vegetables that have been grown in polluted soils, being consumed through drinking water that has been contaminated, direct contact with the skin, and breathing in air polluted with particles and dust.

Noise pollution do cause stress, anxiety, headaches, irritability, hearing loss, and sleep loss resulting in decreased productivity, as oil drills, submarines, and other vessels on and in the ocean may cause excessive noise that has resulted in the injury or death of marine animals, especially the whales, also too much light does cause eye strain and stress and do harm our eyes and decrease our quality of life and it also does cause a decrease in the hormone melatonin that does help us to do fall in asleep and this does result in restlessness and fatigue.

Pollution does need to be reduced because it is does destroy the environment, does contaminate our food and water, does cause diseases and cancers in humans and wildlife, and does destroy the air we breathe and the atmosphere that does protect us from harmful ultra-violet radiation. Finally, it is the responsibility of every living person to do protect the environment.

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