Positive Affirmations for kids

Positive Affirmations for kids

Affirmations may be a powerful tool for children. We should teach our children to use affirmations to improve their wellbeing, boost their self-esteem, and encourage creative thinking.

We are going to tell you the most powerful affirmation for your children that can help your children to build their confidence level.

  1. Affirming You

You can start affirmation with yourself and you can take time for your children and look into the eyes of your children. You can simply say, you’re loved.  After that, you can make a long hug. It will be good for your children.

  1. Create an Affirmation Board:

You can create an affirmation board, small canvas, and whiteboard. You should know the likes and dislikes of your children. If you are able to judge your children’s choice then you can describe their best values on that board. Try to describe what your children want and what they want to be in the future.

You can encourage your kids to include some positive things they want to include.

  1. Draw Affirmation on the Mirror:

You should help your kids to draw some painting on mirrors with markers. Try to give some remove able markers. So you can also draw some affirmations on those mirrors.

When the kids will be able to see the mirror then they will be reminded of all the ways they matter and they can make a difference in this world.

  1. Sing YOUR Ways into Better Mood

You can sing in the shower, the car or any place. It will lift up your kid’s spirits and give more fun to your kids. Try to invite your kids to turn their favorite Affirmations into songs. They can sing with their affirmations with popular tunes.

  1. Build a treasure chest of goodness

You can build a treasure chest of goodness. You can help to offset the negativity in their brain by keeping them to learn.

This activity can be performed by using My Mighty Treasure Coins in the Self Esteem and Confidence.

For this activity, you can use My Mighty Treasure Coins in the Self-Esteem & Confidence Kit. There are following step that you should follow,

  1. You can buy or build a small wooden treasure chest
  2. After that, you can ask kids to paint and decorate the chest
  3. You can make some coins out of thick card or cardboard that are big enough to write on
  4. After that for each coin, children can pick out “I am” affirmations and write on the front side of a coin.

For example:

  • I’m helpful.
  • I’m kind.
  • I’m a good friend.

On the other side of the coins, they can write down or draw a picture of a real-life example of when they had lived this value. It will help them to believe these affirmations. This could also be a great activity for classmates to offer a gift of affirmations and appreciation. These coins may be displayed on a growth mindset bulletin board at home or in the classroom.

You all need mentors and some positive role models. A growth mindset can help children to see their failure as part of the journey, not something to be feared or feel ashamed of. You should tell some stories of past history about the failure so that your kids can know that the failure is also the part of life.

  1. Learn from the greatest

Ask your kids what they think about these people told themselves or what affirmations they must use to help them get back up and keep moving towards their goals.

There can be a great time to practice empathy. Ask your kids how they think these people felt during their hardest moments and if they can relate to those feelings. You could then invite the kids to choose affirmations they like best and have them start saying or writing the affirmations.

  1. Ask, “What if?”

Daniel Siegel recommends that asking reflective questions to your kids can support the development of children’s frontal lobe, which can govern executive functioning including planning and reasoning. You can simply

Find an adventure book .Try to read that book with your kids and discuss how the story might change. That discussion will help you child to get idea about that story.

5 Benefits of Positive Affirmations with Your Kids

The positive affirmation can be very handful for your kids. There are many advantages of positive affirmation for kids. Let’s discuss 5 important positive affirmation benefits for your kids.

  • Boost Confidence

Positive affirmation can boost the confidence level of you kids as they can work more and they can be move forward to life.

  • Effort and Acknowledge Challenges

Positive affirmation can validate the efforts and acknowledge the challenges for your kids. They may be able to see some challenge in their life and face all those challenge with efforts.

  • Positive Affirmations Build Resilience

Positive affirmations can build some resilience for your children, Even if your kids are struggling to perform any task then the positive affirmation can motivate them to do that task.

  • Positive Affirmations Counter Negativity

Positive affirmation can overcome the negativity from the mid of your kids as they will think positive to complete their tasks.

  • Positive Affirmations Help to Practice Positivity

When you will celebrate each day with your kids then they will make this practice for the future and they will think positive for their life.

Raising your kids with positive affirmations is very important. The benefits are clear and it’s such a quick, easy and simple thing to do.

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