The Most Expensive Types of Dogs in the World

The Most Expensive Types of Dogs in the World

Undoubtedly, A dog is a man’s best friend for ages. But, some of these dogs cost us even more than a car. However, dog lovers tend to pay no matter how much it is costing them. So here, we are going to explore the top 7 expensive dogs in the world.

SAMOYED ($13,000-$15,000)

This beautifully thick, white coated, and silky dog is quite expensive and antique. Samoyed is often termed as the most expensive dog in the world. Usually, it comes with $13000 to $15000. That a lot of money, isn’t it?
Male Samoyed weighs averagely 50 pounds and a female could weigh 45 pounds. They carry a very unique trait and that is their sociality. These dogs are very intelligent and sensitive. Even a little rude behavior from their owners could ruin their day. This breed is quite rare that’s why we are ranking Samoyed on the top of our list.

Chow-Chow ($11,000-$13000)

This fluffy little dog is going to cost you a lot! Normally, Chow-Chow pup costs $11,000 US. This breed is one of the oldest breeds of the dog. They have a very black tongue and appearances like a mixture of lion and a teddy bear. This breed is quite studded yet this breed is very loyal to its owners. No matter what, they always stick to their owners.
If you work out a lot then this dog is especially for you. These dogs require physical exercise to keep them active otherwise they get lazy.

Tibetan Mastiff ($9500-$10,000)

If you need a guardian then Tibetan Mastiff is for you. They have been acting as guardian dogs for ages. Early people used to use them to guard their sheep against predators like wolves, bears, or lions. They have a body shape like predators. A fully grown male Tibetan Mastiff can reach 33”-35” height. As we have said, originally these dogs were used as guardians. But, with time, their number started diminishing. Later on, people started using them as house pets.

Azawakh ($9000-$9500)

The roots of this breed belong to West Africa instead of the United Kingdom. This breed has a set of abilities including speed, spying, and detection. These dogs live a life of 10-15 years and could weigh up to 15-25kg. This breed is one of the rarest breeds in all over the world. That’s why this dog is going to cost you a lot if you are trying to pet it.

Rottweiler ($8500-$9000)

The Rottweiler is a medium-huge residential canine, reared for working purposes in Germany.
They were known as “Rottweiler METZGERHUND”, which implies Rottweiler butchers’ canines and their primary use was to pull trucks brimming with butchered meat to market and crowd animals.
With a normal life expectancy of 8-10 years, a load of 50-60 kg, and arriving at statures of 24–27″, it is anything but difficult to pass judgment superficially and mark the Rottweiler as a forceful beast.

Argentinian Dog ($8000)

Muscling its way into our main dogs is the Argentinian Dog. Customarily created to be utilized for major game chasing, the strong beast is one of the costliest pooches we’ve seen up until this point!
It was first reproduced in 1928, from the Cordoba Fighting Dog alongside different varieties like the Great Dane.
The mutts have an enormous white solid body, with a short coat and a profound set thick chest. They make for a decent family pet despite their overbearing appearance however need to have ordinary exercise.

Pharaoh Hound ($7000-$8000)

Being the National pooch of Malta, the Pharaoh Hound gets a great deal of consideration for its appearance and aura. It’s called KELB-TAL-FENEK in Maltese, which signifies “bunny hound” and is customarily utilized for chasing a HARE in the Maltese Islands.
Pharaoh Hounds will in general weigh as much as 45-55 pounds, contingent upon the sex of the pooch and its dietary patterns. Guys generally are 23-25″ tall, while females are 21-24″.
They are steadfast and can be prepared well, making them another extraordinary expansion to the family on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it!

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