the Smallest Insects on Earth

The smallest insects on Earth

Insects are one of the largest group of animals that contains millions of species. They have a huge diversity and characteristics that will define their danger or benefit to the environment. The insects are found in every part in the world and many of them are common such as ants and household flies. As there are the largest insects there are also the smallest. This article will discuss the top 10 smallest insects of the world.

Fairfly-the smallest insect in the world

The Mymaridae, commonly known as Fairflies or fairy wasps, they are a family of chalcid wasps found in the tropical and temperate region of the Earth. The family contains about 100 genera with 1400 species.These insects are Arthropods insects and the superfamily is chalcidoidea. They are very thin insects, mostly ranging from 0.5-1 mm long. The smallest species in the fairy wasp family is the dicopomorpha echmepterygis. The average size of this species is around 0.139 mm to one-seventh of a millimeter. They have a wide variety of color range which includes black, brown and yellow. The official discovery of these smallest insects goes back 1833 when Alexander Henry Halliday, who is a famous entomologist, discovered them officially. In these insects the antennae of the females are distinctively tipped by club-like segments, while male antennae are thread like. They usually possess slender wings and long bristles, giving them a hairy or feathery appearance, however, there are species which may have greatly reduced stubby wings or even lack wings. These insects are characterized by H-shaped pattern of sutures on the front of their heads which distinguish them from other chalcid wasps. These insects are rarely noticed by humans because of their extremely small sizes. Their adult life spans are very short, usually only a few days. All known fairy flies are parasitoids of the eggs of other insects, and several species have been successfully used as biological best control agents.

Scarlet Dwarf Dragonfly-the smallest of all dragonflies

People from ancient have considered the dragonflies as one of the largest flying insects. It was due to the Meganeura-an extinct species of dragonflies- that was the largest insect for the people of that time. The average wingspan of scarlet dwarf dragonfly is 20 cm and the body length is about 12 cm. The scarlet dwarf dragonflies strangely belong to the Libellulidae family in which mostly largest species of dragonflies come. These dragonflies habitat in different countries including Australia, China, Japan, and southeast Asian countries.

Patu Digua spider-the smallest spider

Spiders are from insects that scare people due to their look and venom. But not all species of spiders are harmful, some are even helpful. Patu Digua spiders as well as they are the smallest of the spiders they are also harmless spiders. They are mostly found in Northern Columbia along the riversides such as Rio Digua River. They are only one-third of a millimeter so they are very hard to find with naked eyes. They are even smaller than the pinhead. These species of spiders don’t have antennae on their heads and the male spiders are smaller in size than the females.

Microtityus Minimus scorpion-world’s smallest scorpion

Scorpions are mostly considered as deadly species of insects whose venom may kill a person in a few hours. But there is only a small number of such species-only 25 out of 2,000- that can be deadly for humans.The Microtityus minimus is one of those 25 scorpions that have strong venom. Their size is about 11 mm and the species was discovered in 2014 for the first time. The discovery of these tiny creatures was made by researchers during a survey of Greater Antilles island ofHispaniola that is located in Dominican Republic.

Uranotaenia Lowii Mosquito-the smallest mosquito on the Earth

They don’t like to suck human blood. They are 2.5 mm long and love to suck the blood of amphibians such as a frog. They use their innate acoustic sensitivity to locate the correct spot on amphibian’s body for sucking blood.

Pharaoh Ant-the smallest species of ants

It only measures about 2 mm in size. They have a wide range of colors including yellow and light brown.

Midget Moths-world’s smallest moth

Moths are the insects that look similar to butterflies and mostly become active after evening. They have antennae on their head and don’t have tiny balls on the tips of antennae as compared to butterflies which have tiny balls on the tip of their antennae.

Bolbe Pygmaea Mantis-another smallest insect on the Earth

Has only 10 mm of length.

Euryplatea Nanaknihalifly- meet the smallest species of flies

Its size is about 0.4 mm.

Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly-world’s smallest butterfly

The average wingspan is about 12 mm.

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