Things that haven’t been invented yet

Things that haven’t been invented yet

There are many inventions so far, but still, some things need to be invented. If you are looking for exciting items to be created, then this will be the best article for you as we are listing some best things to be invented yet.

  • Dog Translator.
  • A machine that dresses you as you sleep.
  •  A vaccine against every disease.
  • Two-wheel, or flying cars.
  • Waterproof books.
  • Peace of mind.
  • A future predictor.
  • Instant Heart breaker Healer.
  • The Dishwashing Cupboard.
  • Reverse Microwave.
  • Tangle-free headphones.

Dog Translator

Many devices are needed to claim to share with you what exactly your dog is thinking. However, these things are bogus. The Dogs translator should be invented as it can help you to understand what your dog is thinking and what it will do. Many people have tried to, and they get some excellent results.

Machine That Dresses You As You Sleep

You may not have the idea of Clueless, which is the computer program that has helped the people to put together outfits. It takes a great idea to step further. This machine can use a gentle touch, and it will help you to dress without forcing you awake. So, we can say the device should be invented when you sleep.

A vaccine against every disease

Diseases can kill people and harm human health. When people suffer in different conditions, then they may spend their time in the hospital for treatment. If every disease should have the vaccine, then it can save the lives of people. So we can say the vaccine against every illness should be invented.

Two-wheel, or flying cars

As we know, the traffic jam is the biggest problem for the people how it will be better if there would be flying cars. When there are flying cars, then there will be no rush of people on the road, and there will be no jam of traffic on the road.
Further, due to the four wheels of a car can also cause traffic jams. When there are two wheels cars, then they will take less space as compared to four wheels cars. However, we can say that when there will be flying cars and two wheels cars, then they will take up space and they will help to cut traffic jams three or more times.

Waterproof books

If there would be waterproof books, then that would be awesome. It would be an incredible invention. It will be a nice gift for the readers.

Peace of mind

There should be peace-giving activities. Mindset coaches can tell you to meditate, pray, and dance as we know that there goals in humans’ minds. The dreams, goals, adventures, and other stuff in mind can keep people worried. It is hard for people to settle down. However, there should be a way to maintain absolute peace and satisfaction.

A future predictor

We can predict the weather and other few things. What would be better that would help us to envision our lives and future? Some religious books can predict some predictions. However, most readers are not specific to the person.

Instant Heart breaker Healer

There should be a heart breaker healer that would help the people to erase the pain and problems from the heart. Some people are anxious, and they had a bitter past as they remember the old memories. So, it is necessary to have the heart breaker healer.

The Dishwashing Cupboard

The dishwasher will be a great gift for women. There will be no need to wash with hand. You have to rinse the dishes beforehand. It will help if you put all words away afterward.
The dishwashing cupboard will transform your regular, dull, and old wooden shelved cupboard into the dishwasher. It will be an excellent invention for households.

Reverse Microwave

A device that can help to freeze and chill in seconds. It should be faster than the fridge or freezer and safer.

Tangle-free headphones.

Tangle-free headphones should be invented as they can provide the quality of sound.

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