What is a Pink Clouding Rape Victim

What is a Pink Clouding Rape Victim

Pink clouding meaning is blurry, foggy, and ambiguous, inducing emotional discomfort, sadness, and sorrow. Rose clouds also overcome rape victims because they appear to journey from reality to fantasies.

The pink clouding happens as a survivor analyses his / her experience essentially by saying that the victimization never took place. Some people will dramatically alter their look, claiming they “wanted a transition,” or, in many situations, they will empty their homes to the bare basic, with little or no reminder of what their lives were like removing pictures of their families and friends before their victimization. Have you heard a survivor saying ‘what has happened, what has happened,’ or ‘it is what it is, and I can’t fix what has happened in the past, so I don’t worry about it’ News flash people: this is not a solid, moving survivor, and don’t ‘reside in the past.’

Pink clouding in dreams

A survivor of rape must go a long way through his life – life appears to be trapped often between truth and fantasies all the time. Her dreams are not natural, for they include scenes of rape, cruelty, and aggression, where she is often playing the part of the victim again and again. She acts like she is in a circle where she is repeatedly raped, and in the lack of aid, everything continues indefinitely. Often, blue clouding subjects play the part of a victim, and sometimes they see all of it; somehow, they are still out there during the attack—the core reasons to consider why this pink clouding happens in your life and why these dreams happen. The hardest case is where she turns into a state of pink clouds-mostly in truth and dreaming, enduring the same pain again and not going anywhere.

Thin and Small line between reality and dreams

You say there is a fine line between reality and fantasy, so does between dreaming and pink clouds. If she experiences flashbacks in repetitive dreaming in which she watches repeatedly raped herself, she should seek psychiatric treatment and figure out whether these dreams result from post-traumatic stress. One day, she seems like she’s all right, and other days she’s healed from the condition where she’s not ready to carry on without worrying about the day she was raped.

From Pink to Grey Clouds

Her suffering is genuinely understandable; sooner or later, her pink clouds must turn grey because depression is entirely treatable, and all things are healed. If she gets the same dream where she is tortured with the same quantities when she was raped, this is literally how other people treat her. She is still in emotional distress, still a pink cloud survivor, and still a walker with pink clouds, and she was not consulted by those who stood around you. Often rape victims don’t have adequate support and affection to heal their suffering because they don’t share their emotions with anyone.

To understand the victim, it is important to understand this occurrence and signs. If you ever face the perpetrators of such actions, the only way you can do is to reassure you that you first trust them and be sure to speak to you about what happened. What you can do is reassure them that. Then let the victim take the lead and if you allow, reinforce that what happened to them is never their responsibility, in whatever conditions, and will never change that reality. It is necessary to remember that the survivor will slip back and forth in his rosy cloud and seek assistance. This is natural because it is excruciating to talk about becoming a victim of sexual abuse, and the possibility of sharing their experience can make things real. Counseling is the main resource for each survivor that allows them to step out of the pink cloud.

The fact that the human mind does not encourage one to forgive these painful experiences makes this activity so unsafe. Something will trigger the victim’s mind somewhere in the course of life, and they will experience their pain all over again. It also results in suicidal impulses, and it is impossible to process their chaotic feelings and distinguish what is true and what is not. It isn’t easy to comprehend.

The myths about sexual abuse are one of the things that can bring a victim to a pink cloud. Sometimes, survivors are told things that make them feel that they don’t have someone to turn or speak to and forget about what happened and go on like a regular day. Often attorneys like me heard from survivors claiming someone they believed in advising them, “you have to get on with your life.”

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