What is the use of diclofenac sodium

What is the use of diclofenac sodium

This drug is known in some societies, especially Arab societies, under the name Divido.

Diclofenac Sodium is used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat various infections of the joints and tendons and other conditions of the spine, shoulders, and rheumatic diseases.

What is it used for

It treats joints, sharp and chronic pain, and back pain. It is used in the treatment of menstrual pain in women. It is used in the treatment of some ear, nose, and throat infections. Helps treat pain in injuries as well as osteoporosis.

 What is the active ingredient for diclofenac sodium tablets?

The active ingredient is (Voltaren Sodium), which is the generic name known to Diclofenac Sodium people.

 The type of Diclofenac Sodium pill

Divido is considered an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever pill.

 Steps to consider when using Diclofenac Sodium Tablets: –

Diagnostic work is required to find out the problem. Knowing how much a person uses. Knowing the patient’s age because the adult dose differs from the young amount. Understanding the existence of pregnancy or lactation in the case of women. Knowing the period, the patient uses in the treatment.

Diclofenac Sodium(Divido) Dental Pill

It is considered one of the most potent analgesics as it relieves severe and healthy teeth pain that results from removing it, cleaning it, or filling. It has the power of effect and relieves sore throats resulting from teeth in molar swelling or diverticulitis. It has quick relief from pain, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Analgesic and treatment of arthrosis, arthritis of the hand, rheumatism, and spondylitis. Anesthetic of sore muscles, bursae, and blood ligaments, and analgesic for surgery pain and injury.

Damage to Diclofenac Sodium tablets

Some damages may increase with frequent use, and the use of an overdose works on nausea and a feeling of vomiting. It works on stomach ulcers and difficult digestion. Dizziness and drowsiness. Headache and headache. Loss of white blood cells. Divido pills cause itchy skin. And in women, it causes vaginal bleeding. Side effects that occur while taking David’s medications: There are side effects that need to be treated quickly by the attending physician: When a sudden rash occurs in the body and when you feel an itch. Swelling of the face and lips, and eye discomfort. Breathlessness, dizziness and nausea, stomach pain. Yellowing of the body in a direct way, as well as elevated liver enzymes and indigestion. Away from salt and spicy foods. Drink plenty of milk and dairy. Consult the attending physician and follow their advice from taking water until the remaining medicine is excreted in the kidneys and intestines with water.

How much Diclofenac Sodium (Divido) pills are allowed to use per day?

The amount that we must use is what the treating doctor tells us and according to his instructions, but most adults take one to two tablets per day, i.e., from (100 to 150) mg. As the doctor says with eating or after eating, and children do not take it except Consult the child’s doctor and do not allow me to take more than (1 to 3) mg. Contraindications to the use of Divido pills If you suffer from stomach ulcers, you should not take it, and also, if you feel anaphylaxis, you should stop it. If you have arthritis, colitis, heart disease, or heart failure, you should not use Diclofenac Sodium. It is not used in pregnancy because the safety of the drug has not been confirmed, especially in the first three stages. After all, it may cause a deformity of the fetus when using it. For children younger than 12 years, this drug is not recommended. Also, it is not recommended for use in patients with kidney disease and for people who have had a history of bleeding. Also, do not use it by breastfeeding women not to affect the nursing baby or milk. Taking other medications, or herbal and nutritional supplements, non-medical data has shown that David’s pills and when taking herbs or other drugs with him may reduce their effectiveness or may not work and also may increase the risk due to the use of excessive and unknown doses, so it is necessary to consult a doctor

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