What is the smallest country in the world?

Most people know that Vatican City is the world’s smallest country. What are the smallest countries in the world, ranked by population, after Vatican City?

Here’s a list of the eight smallest countries by population in the world.

Although the smallest countries may share similar areas or populations, their landscapes and cultures are quite different. Some small countries can be found on remote tropical islands while others can be found in larger countries. Find out more about the 20 smallest countries on the planet, including which one is actually the smallest.

The outlines of countries Vatican City and Monaco as smallest countries

What is the Smallest Country in the Whole World?

The country with the smallest area of land is, which covers just 0.19 square miles (0.49 square kilometers). Monaco is second, with 0.78 mi2/2.02km2, followed by San Marino at 24 mi2/60km2. This list does not include countries. Territories like Tokelau (), Saint Barthelemy (), and Macau, China (China) are comparable in size, but are not independent countries and therefore are ineligible.

  • China is listed as the third-largest country in the world (after and ) with an area of 9,572,900km 2 and the fourth-largest at 952,067 km 2.
  • China is listed as the fourth-largest country (after Russia and Canada) with a total area 9596,960 km 2,. The United States is the third-largest country at 9,833,517km 2,.

Further explanation of the disputed ranking: The inclusion of territorial and coastal waters for the United States led to the dispute over the third-largest nation. This discrepancy can be seen when comparing the CIA World Factbook with its previous iterations to the information for the United States in Encyclopaedia Britannica. It has a total area 9.372,610 km 2.. The 1997 edition of the CIA World Factbook added coastal waters to the total area, increasing it to 9,629.091 km . In 2007, the U.S. also added territorial water to their total area, increasing it to 9,833,517km 2. China’s total area did not change during this period. In other words China’s total area was not increased. The United States has a coastline water area of 109.362 km and a territory water area at 195.213 km 2,. This gives the country a total of 304,575km 2. This is more than whole countries like the,, and. This will give the U.S. a higher ranking than China, since China’s territorial and coastal water figures are not known (no official publication). Therefore, they cannot be included in China’s total area.

  • The 100 smallest countries in the world

What is the size of the smallest countries around the globe? They are probably smaller than you think. What is the smallest country on the planet? It’s the Vatican! This tiny city-state () is just.19 sq. miles and easily deserves the title of the world’s smallest country. Monaco, at.78 sq. miles, is the second-smallest country in the world. Russia, measuring in at, is the largest country in the globe. These are the smallest countries on Earth, ranging from The Vatican City to The Bahamas to Ireland to Greece.

A country’s population is not necessarily small. Some of the world’s smallest countries actually have the largest populations. Singapore is a great example. Although the nation covers only 280 sq miles, it has a huge population of 5,703,600 people. This is a population density equal to 20,446 people per square mile.

The 10 largest countries in the world

Are you curious about the largest countries? Below is a list of the largest countries in the world:

Below is a complete list of the 100 smallest nations in the world. What are your thoughts on these tiny countries?

The Vatican, located in the heart of Rome, is the smallest country in terms of area at 0.44 km2. Monaco, a city-state on the French Mediterranean coast, is second with 2.0 km2.

The smallest countries in terms of population

The smallest countries in the world are ranked according to the number of their inhabitants. This creates a different picture. Many small islands states reappeared. There are also countries that have a large area but are very sparsely populated. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands are located in the south, near Antarctica. They are covered with ice. The Falkland Islands are located a little further north. Jan Mayen and Svalbard (Spitsbergen), are high up in the north. They are sparsely inhabited because of their proximity to the Arctic. This area covers 62,000 km2 and only 2,926 people live there.

With such small populations, it is important to look beyond the statistics. Even small deviations or misunderstandings can have a huge impact. The official population for the Vatican is approximately 1000. Only 600 of them actually live in Rome’s holy city. While more than 400 people are considered citizens, they live outside. Therefore, the population density is a theoretical value.

  • British Indian Ocean Territory: British overseas Territory
  • Pitcairn Islands British overseas territory
  • South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands: British overseas Territory

These small countries, from Vatican City to Palau have maintained their independence and contributed to the world’s economy and politics. All of these countries, except one, are fully-fledged. The exception is not an accident, but by choice. This list includes the smallest countries in the world, from the smallest to the largest (but still quite small).

These 17 small countries claim the title of the most tiny country in the world. It is powerful, however, because it is perhaps the most influential country in terms of religion. It serves as the spiritual centre of the Roman Catholic Church and is the home of the Pope. The Vatican City, also known as The Holy See, is found within a walled zone of Rome, the capital of Italy.

Seychelles covers 107 square miles, which is less than Yuma in Arizona. Since 1976, the Indian Ocean island group of 95,981 people has been autonomous from the United Kingdom. It is located northeastern of Madagascar, approximately 932 miles east from mainland Africa. Seychelles, an archipelago that contains over 100 tropical islands, is the smallest country considered to be part of the Seychelles Archipelago.

Africa. Victoria is the capital and largest city of Seychelles.

The area of the Maldives covers 115 miles, which is slightly less than Little Rock, Arkansas. Only 200 of the 1,190 Indian Ocean Islands, which are divided into 26 coral atolls, that make up this country, are occupied. About 391,904 people live in the Maldives. The country was an independent nation in 1965.

(km2(Area)(mi21.44 0.17 Europe Italy 2.02 0.78 Europe France 3.021 21 8.1 Australia and Oceania. 42.352 Africa Senegal, 38.338 North America. 43.352 Africa. 41. Montenegro. 38.295 Africa. 41.252 Asia. 38.358 North America. 43.352 Africa. 41.532 Asia. 38.226 Asia. 36.472 Asia. 37.42 Africa. 44.374 Africa. 45. Kuwait 17.364 and West Bank. Overseas territories: 42,199 16,293 Europe Belgium. France borders the Netherlands in North America (Sint Maarten). 68 Estonia 45,227 17,462 Europe Latvia, Russia 69 Dominican Republic 48,670 18,792 North America Haiti 70 Slovakia 49,036 18,933 Europe Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine 71 Costa Rica 51,100 19,730 North America Nicaragua, Panama 72 Bosnia and Herzegovina 51,209 19,772 Europe Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia 73 Croatia 56,594 21,851 Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia 74 Togo 56,785 21,925 Africa Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana 75 Latvia 64,589 24,938 Europe Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia 76 Lithuania 65,300 25,212 Europe Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) 77 Sri Lanka 65,610 25,332 Asia – 78 Georgia 69,700 26,911 Asia / Europe Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey 79 Ireland 70,282 27,136 Europe United Kingdom 80 Sierra Leone 71,740 27,699 Africa Guinea, Liberia 81 Panama 75,420 29,120 North America Colombia, Costa Rica 82 Serbia 77,474 29,913 Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania 83 Czechia 78,867 30,451 Europe Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia 84 United Arab Emirates 83,600 32,278 Asia Oman, Saudi Arabia 85 Austria 83,879 32,386 Europe Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland 86 Azerbaijan 86,600 33,436 Asia / Europe Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia, Turkey 87 Jordan 89,342 34,495 Asia Iraq, Israel, Palestine (West Bank), Saudi Arabia, Syria 88 Portugal 92,220 35,606 Europe Spain 89 Hungary 93,028 35,918 Europe Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine 90 South Korea 100,266 38,713 Asia North Korea 91 Iceland 103,000 38,768 Europe – 92 Guatemala 108,889 42,042 North America Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico 93 Cuba 109,880 42,425 North America – 94 Bulgaria 110,879 42,811 Europe Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey 95 Liberia 111,369 43,000 Africa Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Sierra Leone 96 Honduras 112,090 43,278 North America El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragu 97 Benin 114,763 44,310 Africa Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Togo 98 Eritrea 117,600 45,406 Africa Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan 99 Malawi 118,484 45,747 Africa Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia 100 North Korea 120,540 46,541 Asia China, South Korea, Russia

There are 194 countries around the globe, so it is easy to assume that “country” means a large land area with large populations. Some nations are so small that their cities are dwarfed by those of other nations. Many countries with an area less than 400 km2 are found in Europe, Asia, the Carribean and the Pacific. The 10 smallest countries cover a total of 1491.4km2, which is less than the area of Houston, Texas (1625.2km2).

1. Vatican City

Vatican City is also known as a city-state and the world’s smallest nation state. It is also the global headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church. This historic enclave is located in the middle Rome, Italy. It is home to the Holy See. This administration is headed by the pope, whose authority extends to all Catholics around the world.

How small is this country? The Vatican City occupies less than a square mile and has a population between 800 and 900. It is tiny at 49 hectares. Vatican City is an independent country and has its own post office, telephone system, banking system, radio station, and bank system. The Vatican Euro is its currency, and it is accepted in all parts of the Eurozone.

9. Maldives

Another luxurious tropical destination, Maldives is also known for its stunning beaches, urban landscapes and resorts. This country is located in the Indian Ocean between Indonesia, Africa and the Maldives. It is only four feet above the sea level. There are 26 atolls and more than 1,100 islands in the Maldives. Of these, less than one third are inhabited. The Maldives covers 114 square miles (297 km2) and is home to more than 500,000 people.

These are the most interesting and diverse countries in the world. Many of these countries are located far out at sea in tropical areas, while others are landlocked nations that have formed on small patches of land in mountains or along coastlines. These tiny pockets of land, while holding on to their independence, continue to have ancient histories in a modern age.

Qatar, which lies northwards into Persian Gulf, is one of the smaller countries in the world (about the same size as Yorkshire, England), and it is also the richest country per capita. While many will only be able to see Doha’s skyline from far away during airport transfers, football fans will be familiar with Qatar as the controversial venue for the 2022 World Cup. However, its labyrinthine souqs, intergalactic architecture, and beautiful sand dunes make it worth the effort.

El Salvador

Pulgarcito, or the “Tom Thumb” of the Americas, is the name of the smallest continent country in the Americas. El Salvador offers a small glimpse into Latin America’s most vibrant region. It has a tropical interior that is unspoiled, great surfing spots along its coastline, and a vibrant nightlife scene in the colonial capital San Salvador.

The Vatican City, which covers only 0.2 square miles of land, holds the crown (or papal Tiara) for being one of the smallest countries in the world. It is nonetheless one of the most powerful countries on the planet. The Vatican is the global headquarters of Catholic Church. It also boasts some of the most precious pieces of Classical or Renaissance art in the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms.