Why Should Marijuana be Legal in Canada

Why Should Marijuana be Legal in Canada

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is based on two major aspects, one is reducing its availability for young adults, and other is for reducing criminal activities regarding the selling of marijuana.

However, there are certain doubts because according to the research, most of the sellers and suppliers of marijuana has no connection with the crime. Also, youngsters get their weed through online retailers and not from the suppliers. So, it means that legalization of weed will not create any effect on youth’s access to it.

Then, why marijuana should be legal?

Does it seem like a politically designed strategy to encourage young voters!

Well, in the following post, we’ll discuss what impact legalization of marijuana will create in Canada.

·       Keeping Marijuana away from youth:

The use of marijuana initiated to shifting from the margins to mainstream for the last 50 years. The shift occurred due to the frequent use of cannabis. Legalization of marijuana in Canada will not limit the high use of it, neither it will normalize it. Also, the illegal supplier will continue to do their part of the job due to the restrictive conditions applied y Government.

Moreover, underage users will keep using weed by purchasing it from illegal suppliers because they won’t be able to get it from legal suppliers due to age restriction. Many users will use the illegal way due to high prices of marijuana from legal platforms.

Therefore, if weed will remain to restrict for youth, then they will obviously take the way of the illegal procedure, which is purchasing weed from different online retailers.

  • Reducing trafficking:

If we see other examples of the states who legalized weed like Washington; so, Washington’s primary purpose for marijuana legalization in 2012 was based on one specific thing, which was to control the illegal supply of it. No doubt, the legalization significantly dropped the small-scale trafficking in Washington. However, due to the high production taxes and interest price added by retailers, the users continued to get their marijuana through illegal suppliers in a low-price. According to the recent survey, illegal suppliers have still set their places in Washington, and their potential customers are youth.

Until the illegal suppliers are continuing to sell weed, the youngster will never be able to reduce the use of marijuana. So, it is important to displace the illicit sources of marijuana to keep the youth away from it. Otherwise, whether it legalized or whatever, no force can stop the youth from purchasing and using marijuana from illegal suppliers.

·       New understandings of drug use needed:

The new law and understanding the use of weed supports the opinion of most of the marijuana consumers. Implementation on the explained laws can help the users to prevent issues caused by using weed. Moreover, there is a huge need to be more informed about the new policies for drugs. There is a significant need for making such policies for educating people regarding the harm reduction and prevention of using weed by youth.

These are the areas in which the Government needs to take stand for helping youth to prevent the use of weed and making new policies.

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